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Believe in Ghosts-Friday the 13 is this weekend

Find the founders of Sacramento on Friday the 13th

This weekend is Friday the Thirteenth, for those superstitious this is the day to celebrate. For those who believe in ghosts, it might be the day to hide.

The Old City Cemetery is holding a tour this Friday the 13th in Sacramento, California. The summer tour is called "the unlucky 13", and it is scheduled this Friday.

Join to hear stories about the unlucky or superstitious. It is an evening tour with games to go along with the lectures about the residents of the old city which include Sutter who built a Fort before the city was founded.

This is a great chance to view contemporary art in the tombstone and gardens to consider what Californians brought with them from their former homes or back from Europe on trips such as the Crockers.

The event costs $13 dollars but includes prizes and fun after dark in the summer air. There is a "Test your Luck" area for those who still don't believe in the Scientific revolution or should I say Evolution!

It will be a full moon for those who enjoy a challenge or just need an excuse to get out of the house away from the television or internet connection.

Sacramento Historic Cemetery is located at 1000 Broadway, Sacramento. This is along the Lincoln Highway which originally ran through Sacramento, California.

The tours which include "light" refreshments begin at 6.45 P.M., 7.30 P.M. and 8.15 P.M.

Phone information is 916-448-0811. Parking is at 10 street and Broadway.

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