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Belgium creating culture of death as child euthanasia is being considered

Medically assisted suicide is creating ethical issues regarding when is it satisfactory to end another's life?

The progression toward a culture of death expanded once again in Belgium as a nation with euthanasia laws being considered to include children.

Since 2002 when euthanasia laws were first implemented in Belgium, the march towards finding various reasons to end one’s life has greatly increased as feared by opponents of legalizing suicide. The decision to end a person’s life has been expanded to preclude disclosure to the one that is being put to death.

The culture in Belgium has generated a healthy two in three Belgians that favor this new euthanasia bill, and most shocking is the poll also discloses that three in four would approve for parents to euthanize their sick children without the child’s consent.

Disregard of disclosure or not getting approval of the one being put to death is already being practiced by physicians without consent from the one being killed. There are already Belgian doctors terminating newborns with spinal bifida at the request of the parents.

The last year that euthanasia request were disclosed was in 2011 when 1,133 Belgians had their request approved which amounts to about 1% of all deaths in Belgium. The impact of allowing children to make a decision to end their life is a test of accountability and morals.

Many argue that a child does not have the maturity or understanding to get married, buy alcohol, or buy cigarettes, but will have the ability to end their life. Those against allowing children the authority to end their life say allowing children to make such an important decision is hypocritical.

Laws can be undermined and with a euthanasia law already as liberal as any law, there are going to be doctors that ignore the law and do what they think is best. No matter where the boundary is, there are always those willing to cross it.

In an article published today by Dale Hurd of the Christian Broadcast Network, Professor Michel Ghins who is co-founder of Euthanasia Stop declared, “I think the fact that Belgium is passing this law should sound a warning bell to other countries which might be tempted to legalize euthanasia. Because once the step has been made it’s very difficult to prevent all kinds of extensions to take place”.

Dying with dignity is a hot topic and the idealistic approach would be to provide a humane end to suffering. However with Belgian’s liberal euthanasia law, there are situations where there was no real physical suffering by the requesting patient. There are cases were somebody with depression or despondent over a personal crisis that prompted individuals to end their life.

The war of words in Belgium is escalating as the media and proponents of the child euthanasia law are labeling those against as uncaring and intolerant. Those against the child euthanasia law are claiming those for it want the law to show that Christianity is dead in Belgium.

One thing is certain, should there be approval of children allowed to kill themselves, the next question is, “What is next?”

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