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Beirut bombing claims more victims, UN Security Council outraged

More civil unrest in Lebanon erupted Wednesday, as a double suicide car bomb exploded in a cultural center, killing more than 10 people. Over 100 people were also injured, some seriously, during this attack that took place during morning rush hour. The United Nations Security Council has voiced strong opposition to this action, on behalf of terrorist sects.

Extensive damage was done to cars and property in the area. The blast was so intense, according to witnesses, that cars were flung into the air and flipped over completely. The front side of buildings near the blast were decimated and people were walking through rubble and glass with stretchers carrying loved ones who didn't survive the blast.

Those believed to be responsible for the suicide bombing are said to belong to the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, from the Hussein Bin Ali terrorist cell. This group is said to be linked to the more popular terrorist network, Al Qaeda. The group is demanding the release of their prisoners are released from being held in Lebanon. They are also demanding the withdrawal of the Party of Iran forces from Syria.

Wednesday's attack is said to have stemmed from disdain over Lebanon's backing of Hezbollah and Tehran. Both groups allegedly have ties to the fighting in nearby Syria. The insertion of the new Lebanese government, including Prime Minister Tammam Salam, is also a factor in this most recent attack.

The district, heavily populated by Shiites, is known for heavy support of Hezbollah. District Leader Hassan Nasrallah has stood steadfast in that support, indicating that he will not give in to demands that Hezbollah withdraws from Syria.

Lebanese leaders are outraged, but unmoved to make any drastic moves on any political front. The bombings do, however, damage the fragile peace that Lebanon has fought hard to protect.


Al Jazeera News

Gulf News

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