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Being understanding is key to keeping a healthy relationship

Be understanding, its healthy
Be understanding, its healthy

Being understanding is not a characteristic all people posses. Some people find it easy to brush off a wrong order at a restaurant or the mail running late while other people find it very difficult to let go of something that inconveniences them. Some people may view something of this nature as a down right personal attack.

No matter what kind of person someone is, the amount of understanding people share with their relationship partner is usually less than that of a stranger (probably due to manners and the desire to remain cordial and polite with acquaintances). What everyone needs to remember when dating someone is that nothing is perfect. Things do come up that may prevent a date from continuing as planned and that does not necessarily mean that the person is not interested.

To keep a relationship strong, it is imperative to be understanding towards your partner, especially when times are not ideal. Sawyer, of Odessa, says that with his busy schedule on top of  juggling work and school, his girlfriend has to remain patient and understanding. He states that if she were not understanding about his commitments and the time he has to dedicate to them, their relationship would be under tremendous pressure. Because she is so cooperative, they do not argue over canceled dinners or nights apart. He admits that this helps keep their relationship strong.

A little understanding can go a long way when dating someone. If a foundation or an actual relationship has been established, then it can definitely pay off to keep a cool and understanding head.