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Being the party of “no” has consequences for the GOP

Being the party of “no” has consequences for the GOP
Being the party of “no” has consequences for the GOP
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After 6 years of having almost no political agenda apart from blocking everything President Obama hoped to achieve as president, the Republican Party also has no contemporary achievements to sell voters in the next election.

The 112th and 113th congresses will go down in the history books as the least productive and perhaps the most divisive in history. However, Republican’s claim that was by design. They wanted to do nothing for the American people while Barack Obama was president because, as they see it, progress toward solving the nation’s problems under the Obama administration might give Democrats an edge in the next election. Did they miss the fact that while they were busy blocking everything Obama, they were also sealing their own fate as a party with no governing skills?

Congress can work. What they achieve is subjective. But when a political party sets out to do nothing and reaches that goal, it says a lot about whether voters are doing themselves any good by continuing to re-elect them.

As the mid-term elections draw closer and Republican’s set their eyes on the 2016 White House, they are once again trying to rebrand themselves to appeal to more voters. But words don’t equal results. Republicans can say they care about poverty, inequality, women’s rights, or creating jobs that raise living standards, but without achievements to back it up, voters are being sold more empty promises.

Just think of how different America would be today if Republicans in congress vowed to pass laws that solve problems, instead causing problems and obstructing achievements. While no one knows for sure, there’s a good chance that the economy would be better condition.

In two years, the Republican Party will not be able to blame Barak Obama for all the country’s woes. And then what?

American’s are tired of partisan fighting. They want leaders, not food fights and name-calling. For the GOP it may be too late. They’ve had 6 years to prove that they can make life better by finding solutions through compromise, yet they chose not to.

Who will Republican’s blame when Barak Obama leaves office?

Perhaps the real question is who voters should blame for the lack of achievement toward making America a better country when Barack Obama can no longer be a relevant political target.

Author’s note: The opinions and commentary included in this report are based on the author’s original reporting and independent analysis of official documents and public information.

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