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Being Thankful on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, aka “Turkey Day” is more than eating sweet potato pie and fighting over who’s going to get the last drumstick. But it’s about pausing to think about things we can all be thankful for— like having a home cooked meal while the homeless are forced to scrounge through garbage just to stay alive. It’s being thankful for having a roof over your head, no matter how humble or cramped while Haitians battle cholera, torrential rains, flooding and starvation—having no dwelling place and without hope.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for living in a nation where religious and political and personal freedoms are still free—where Americans can still speak their minds, whether at in the polling booth or an open air market. And it’s a time when we can certainly thank God, that as North and South Korea clash in a civil war, there is yet peace on American shores.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings—great and small: waking up “clothed in our right mind,” as the old folks used to say; having the ability to walk, talk, smile, laugh and even cry with those we love. It’s a day when we can pause to express thankfulness for family and friends and be grateful for relationships—built on mutual trust, mutual understanding, and mutual respect.

November 25th is more than just the Thursday before “Black Friday” and a chance to get the best deal on a flat panel TV.  But it’s a day to reflect on lives lost and battles fought on foreign shores by men and women separated from loved ones as they strive to answer the call of duty to God and country.

This Thanksgiving, take time to be truly thankful and truly grateful to God for bountiful blessings most of us are privileged to enjoy. This Thanksgiving—especially this one when so many are unemployed, facing illness, poverty, homelessness, and hopelessness—we dare not take our religious, civil and personal freedoms lightly, for they are inevitably, priceless gifts from God.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
 -- Betty Sims


  • georgia 4 years ago

    Nicely put my sister. Hope you and yours had a blessed Holiday.

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