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Being scared

Want to show how insecure you are? Start a business. It's the simple. All your crap come up, the I'm not good enoughness, the oh my goodness I must be crazy, the I have no value to offer people, and the very tough NO ONE will buy this from ME! Yes! Insecurity is an ever growing fungus in the mind of most business owners. I, am no different.

But it has got me thinking as to what it is I'm really afraid of. The simple answer is, I'm scared to death to market myself. I'm scared to put myself and my products out there. Marie Forleo says that to not market the hell out of a product or service that you know will help people is stealing from them. I have to say, she's right. What I'm offering will no doubt help people.

But, I'm scared.

I've got the website (take a looksee), the business cards, the products, the first event already scheduled, and yet...I have this urge to throw up. Just thinking of the plunges I must take in order to get to the next level for my business is unnerving. And it's in times like these, I have to channel my inner Life Coach and say "You have to act as if you are_________."

You see, when I'm feeling like this, all anxious and jittery with excitement of the endless possibilities of what could be, I have to act as if someone I admire in order to get recentered. Rather than think WWJD, I think, What would Marie Forleo do? or What would Rhonda Britten do? What would Iyanla Vanzant do? or What would Oprah do?

Sounds crazy, but it's totally true! It gets me moving in the direction that I want, which is onward and upward. Oh it comes again. My palms are sweaty and my that upchuck feeling is coming on again. What would you do in my shoes?


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