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Being safe while on the run

Acid Reflex LED Slap Band by Nathan found on
Acid Reflex LED Slap Band by Nathan found on

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In light of the recent news concerning Chelsea King, one very important factor to remember while running is being safe. It's devestating when incidents like this happen but it is a somber reminder to us all that we may not be as safe as we think while running. It's easy to forget that other people are not paying attention to you and there are so many accidents a year that being alert is going to keep you alive for longer and to enjoy more races.

Remember to keep an id on you at at all times. You can do this through numerous different options. Some chose to wear a RoadID, which can identify any medications you are allergic to or any thing that any doctor may need to know about you. Some others may chose to have their complete ID on them, which can easily be done by wearing a 'shoe wallet'. Shoewallet has graciously also offered a discount code of 25% discount through the 10th if you use the code: springdiscount2010 If you are out on a long run, you can also carry a credit card for any reason you may need to stop and get water or you can carry a small amount of money. I personally use the iFitness belt and keep my ID  and very small amount of cash in there for any reason that it might be necessary. I also have my cell phone with me and that allows me to make calls if need be.

Also remember to wear something bright, blinking and/or reflective. Making sure people see you out on the roads is imperative for your safety. So many people don't pay attention and it's easy to get distracted while driving. When I cross the street I ALWAYS make sure to make complete eye contact with the driver of the car, because I have had some close calls where I thought a drive saw me but in reality they didn't. Paying attention when running by cars is super, SUPER important.

If you are running at night, run in a well-lit area and make sure that people know where you are. If you are planning a run, see if there is a group you can run with because we've all heard safety in numbers. If you MUST listen to music when you run, turn down the volume and be sure to be extra aware of your surroundings. Sometimes at night a run can be even better without music and the calming night sounds can enrich your run exponentially.

Lastly, make sure you know the area you are running in and how far out and back you to have to or where the loop might take you. The last thing you want to happen for yourself is getting lost on a run and not making it back at the time you planned on. This can worry loved ones, and also ruin a great night run if you get lost and have no way to contact anyone. You can check out Map My Run before hand to make sure you know the route. Make sure people know how long you are going to be out for and where you are running, just in case something does happen.

Here are some links to check out from Run the Planet if you wanted to know more about safety and running.

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Check out the slide show for more safe running products and remember to be safe, alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.  


  • Amy C 5 years ago

    Great article Danica! I would also add: make sure someone - ANYONE! - knows where you're going & when you expect to be back. Even if it's just your twitter buddies. :)

  • Raciel D 5 years ago

    Lovely article and thanks for the tips! I personally run with my mobile phone. Sure it adds a little bit more weight, but it gives me some piece of mind; though it didn't help my sis with her recent trail race (as she couldn't get a cell-signal)! Thankfully, she found other lost runners and got back on the race course.

  • Jodie Wietharn 5 years ago

    Good article. A reminder for any runner/walker!

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