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Being prepared for any potential dangers at the Fifa World Cup games

Sports fans must be caution of dangers while attending the Fifa World Cup games in Brazil.
Sports fans must be caution of dangers while attending the Fifa World Cup games in Brazil.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Regrettably, large events like the Fifa World Cup 2014 games have a way of attracting unwanted attention. This is particularly true when a society has a number of unresolved social grievances and conflicts. For Brazil, this is certainly true. Consequently, it is wise to enjoy the Fifa Games while taking precautions to stay safe, such as traveling in a group and knowing when potential threats arise, should something go awry.

Not only can traveling in a group help lighten the burden of travel expenses like hotel reservations, transportation, and travel insurance, travel companions can help make the experience far more enjoyable. More important than that, there truly is safety in numbers. Traveling as a group is both a way to dissuade wrongdoers from acting and an opportunity to be missed/found should something happen.

Unfortunately, great economic disparity in the emerging economic power that is Brazil makes the World Cup a target for explosive civil unrest and criminal elements. Although Brazilian authorities are attempting to reign in gangs and other criminal organizations, which have tended to act with impunity, tensions will be particularly high until the World Cup is over. As such, visitors to Brazil need to recognize there are hot button issues in play while they must be prepared to move on should a chaotic situation arise.

Certainly, sports fans should not deprive themselves of a good time. In all likelihood, the games will be free of major security breaches. Spectators should, however, be prepared and be aware of their surroundings. They should also use their time in Brazil to learn more about the various cultures and customs. Listening to the locals, i.e. relating to them and offering them a voice, is a great way of safeguarding oneself from wrongdoers. After all, making friends can be the best the way to stay safe. Moreover, the Fifa World Cup 2014 is a great opportunity, but all visitors must be aware of any potential dangers.