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Being prepared, defending your family V

So now that you have gotten over the mental hurdle of actually owning a firearm, what do you do? Tuck it away, trigger lick on place of course, under the bed in a lock box.

Should you choose the above, you have just wasted $XXX and are just as incapable of defending your person and family.

I understand that you are possibly afraid of hurting your self, or someone else in your home. Or maybe you are afraid of the kids getting a little too grabby and them hurting themselves or others.

Contrary to popular culture, owning a firearm, gun, pistol, etc. is NOT a dirty little secret to be ashamed of.

When you tell your children to not touch something, what is first thing they try to do? If  you tell them to stay away or not to look at something, what do they try to do?

Let them be aware of your firearm - age appropriately, of course. Let them learn to shoot also, especially if they are at an age when they are responsible enough to be trusted with such an important, serious responsibility.

Here are a few articles from another publisher, David Codrea. The first one is a good illustration of why you would want a gun in the first place.

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  • Profile picture of mamaliberty
    mamaliberty 4 years ago

    Amen and right on target. If you can teach your children not to touch a hot stove, a burning cigarette, a strange dog.... you can teach them to respect your gun too. There are a million dangerous things in the world, and teaching children to respect them and that danger - as well as teaching them to respect the private property of others - is every parent's responsibility.

    First YOU must become trained and aware of safe gun handling. That is the first priority. Then you can teach your children, spouse, and family.

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