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Being prepared, defending your family III

While I was reviewing my statistics before getting to this article, I was stunned to see 9 comments from just the past day. That is a lot for little ol' me! I was immediately ready to be word flogged by parents all over for being an idiot for suggesting such a ludicrous ideas as having a gun in a home with children.

To my wonderful surprise, all 9 comments were very supportive and agreed with my stance. I just want to say thank you to those who left them - it was just the encouragement I need!

Among a few of the responses was a site called The Cornered Cat. Since I do have children in my home, my internet time can be spotty, so I haven't gotten to take my time there, but so far I love it.

Please visit there if you are still unsure about having a firearm in your home. Some people think that if you have a gun in your house, it must be for hunting... why that is so socially acceptable over protection I will never know (and I have NO problem with hunting!). If you have guns on your house, then they must be very dangerous, and you must be pretty irresponsible.

Unfortunately, those of us gunowners who are irresponsible ruin the image of the rest of us, just like with any large group of people.

The next few articles are to try to give you an understanding, and ideas, as to how to be a responsible gun owner, and how to train your children properly as well.

As always, comments and questions are always welcome. You can leave them here, or e-mail me.


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