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Being Prepared

"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark". --Howard Ruff

The idea of being prepared can encompass a lot; being prepared for the day, for work, for life, etc. In the coming days and weeks, I will research all that is involved in being prepared for emergencies, weather related, man-made, acts of God, etc., and will try to share with you many ideas, and places to look for lists, resources, recipes, ideas, plans, etc.
I've lived in the northeast United States, Adirondack Park, my whole life, and for the most part, believed that we were immune from weather related disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, and have been proven wrong on both counts within the last year, as we witnessed the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene in Schoharie and Montgomery Counties, and the destruction caused by a tornado in Montgomery County, while the mess from the hurricane was still being cleaned up.
I also believed that if you lived on a hill or a mountain, you were safe from flooding, and again, Hurricane Irene showed me that I was wrong about that, as well. In Schoharie County, I drove up a mountain road in the weeks following the hurricane, and found that every driveway had been separated from the road during the rain storm. The shallow ditches became deep ditches that you could lose a pick-up truck in, and every single driveway on both sides of the road had a section washed away, preventing anyone coming home from reaching their houses, and preventing anyone who had stayed home from leaving their driveway anytime soon.
I don't think that any of those people expected to be put in a situation where they were cut off for a length of time....weeks, even months, before the road was repaired and each driveway was restored.
In the coming days, weeks, or months, if another weather-related tragedy occurs, are you prepared to dig in and stay where you are without electric, or vehicle access? If terrorists strike our country again, are you prepared to dig in, or get out of Dodge, and do you have the cash and the means to make it happen?
After Hurricane Katrina, I noticed that a LOT of people had counted on their government to provide for them in an emergency, and as a result, many ended up in unclean, unsafe situations, where they were treated like animals, there was rioting, gang issues, and all kinds of problems, including death.
I also noted people in the Hurricane Katrina crisis who WERE prepared, and even in the face of flooding, had food, water, and even rubber rafts to move their families to safety. I would like to be able to place my family in the second category, and without investing my life savings, be able to count my family among the people who are prepared for whatever comes our way in the future.


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