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Being our own hero isn't about 'easy'

Wednesday, July 23, 2014: Feeling stronger today is a given. A willingness to stand up for yourself, and a willingness to face what might be unpleasant all support unique and original Self-expression. So... Do something that breaks the routine or that you've always wanted to do... don't hesitate due to shyness or fear. You can pull it off, you're mightier than you think you are.

The trick is to leave emotions out of it and remain detached and objective. Use your intellect and you'll be well positioned to judge your situation appropriately and identify limiting behaviors that are getting in the way. Detachment is what is needed most today.

Be active, experience life... Watch, listen, learn... Be your own "hero" and shine.

Even if you're usually shy, this is the month to be noticed. It's time to rejuvenate your sense of self and do things that help you to just be who you are. Celebrate your existence, enjoy the mighty feeling of confidence and celebrate. Ask yourself "If I could do anything with my life that I wanted, what would it be?" Then take a step... even if it's a small step... in that direction.

Today's Quote

…you are your own hero. Do not wait for someone to save you, rescue you or tell you that you are ok. Be the hero of your own story and never, ever let them make you the victim. ~ John Goode

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