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Being Offended

Last month, a man in Texas was told to remove an American flag from the balcony of his apartment because the manager said it was a threat towards the Muslim community.

This scenario brings up two questions: 1) was the Muslim community actually feel threatened by the presence of an American flag, and 2) did any Muslim complain about the American flag, or did the manager feel Muslims might complain?

In regards to the first question, one might presume that some Muslims might harbor bad feelings about America, whether it be feeling like pariahs after 9/11 or because they are committed to jihad and sharia- hence turning America into an Islamic state. And when they see the American flag, they either see it as a symbol of oppression or the symbol of their enemies.

As for the second question, its unclear if any Muslim did complain about the flag. Perhaps the manager was afraid someone in the Muslim community might complain. Of course, it is unclear if any Muslims actually live in the apartment complex. If so, why didn't they talk to the resident themselves? If not, then why would they be concerned about an apartment complex that they do not reside in?

It should be noted that there have been various instances of people giving into demands by Muslims, ranging from removing American or British flags to not consuming pork or alcohol (or not consuming at all during Ramadan, regardless of one's faith) to Muslims refusing to wash their hands in hospitals because of the alcohol content in some soaps.

This is creeping sharia. Once people start giving in to one demand by Muslims, it will not end until sharia becomes the norm. The result will be worldwide domination by the Islamists.

Needless to say, America (and the rest of the world for that matter) should take a stand against sharia.

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