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Being near to those who have Drawn closer to God

Those I have met who have completely surrendered to Jesus-slide0
Photo by Andrew Verrett

Every now and then you will meet people who have been in circumstances that have resulted in them willingly sacrificing everything they have to God and perhaps even in a situation during which they have been prepared to die. There is something unique about them. There is a sense of humility, peace, and power that flows from them. I suspect that it is the presence of God that hangs on them like a heavy, morning dew and as long as they remain faithful to God, that presence remains.

Brian Oldreive Farming God's Way
Photo by Andrew Verrett

A good example of this can be seen in an interview with Jim Caviezel. He is the actor who played Jesus in the movie The Passion of the Christ (2004). In the video at Rock Church that can be seen here, you sense a major difference between Jim Caviezel and his host. Now, it is evident that both men are Christians and this article is in no way intended to suggest anything negative about the host, but there is just something different about the two, about their focus, and about the way they communicate with the audience.

I have met people like this. They talk about their sacrifice - about having had everything the world can offer, but choosing to have given it all up to follow God. They talk of it in a unique way. It is with expressions of peace. Rather than one would expect, it is not with remorse or grudge, but they speak in terms that suggest they have found something of greater value.

Furthermore, there is something genuine about them. They are not interested in entertaining people. They are not interested in getting a huge following of adoring fans or huge contributors of money. They talk more of what God has done for and through them than they speak of what they have done for God. In many cases, you have to learn what has happened in their lives from others. How different they are from those whom we tend to idolize in today's Western church!

We need to examine our lives and those whom we follow. Are we willing to lose everything for Christ even if no one notices? Upon whom are you modeling your life? Do you sense the presence of God on those you admire, or do you admire them because they are dynamic, articulate entertainers? There's a huge difference.

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