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'Being Human' 'Too Far, Fast Forward' recap: Can this be fixed?

BEING HUMAN -- "Too Far, Fast Forward" Episode 409 -- Pictured: (l-r) Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik, Sam Huntington as Josh Levison
BEING HUMAN -- "Too Far, Fast Forward" Episode 409 -- Pictured: (l-r) Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik, Sam Huntington as Josh Levison
Pana Pantazidis/Syfy

The Monday, March 10 episode of "Being Human," 409, "Too Far, Fast Forward," picks up right where the last one left off, but can Sally find a way back to where she belongs?

Is there any coming back from this? "Guess I was meant to die with my head bashed in," ghost Sally comments as she watches Aidan cry over her body. He sends her away when Bishop shows up, and his maker promises they'll make it right – by going after Ray and Josh. Sally tries to intervene, but Aidan kills Ray – and Josh's chance to be human again. "You're a monster," she tells him. Aidan threatens Josh, promising to kill him if he sees him again, and he and Bishop leave him alive, because killing him would be mercy.

It shouldn't be like this One year later on "Being Human," Aidan's working for Bishop again, Nora's addicted to pain pills and Josh is working at Life of Pie, with Sally his only friend because no girl is going to want a werewolf. "Whatever charmed life in a brownstone you think we had is over," he tells her.

When Aidan can't deliver on his blood bags for Bishop, he sells Bishop's personal supply and brings the money to his maker, who beats him up a bit before turning on another vampire and de-fanging him to teach him a lesson in gluttony.

Meanwhile, Sally goes so far as to possess Josh to try to get Alanna to help her find Donna, and after she does, he begins getting flashes of the other life. When a virus-plagued vampire attacks, Sally realizes Aidan's in trouble, and while Aidan recalls his promise to Josh upon seeing him again, she tells him he needs his blood. Aidan then refills Bishop's fridge, and they toast with a drink. When Aidan returns to Josh and Sally, however, he's not going anywhere. He's finally free from Bishop, and now he's the King. "Let's go, Sally. There's no one here anymore," Josh tells her. "This is who we came back to save? You were better off dead," she says to Aidan before leaving. He visits his maker as he dies from the virus and claims it was just a fluke, that some vampires are just immune, but Bishop knows he's responsible.

While in town, Josh stops by the hospital and checks on Nora, whose marriage isn't exactly happily ever after. He gets a flash of their own wedding and their vows and leaves her with, "take care of yourself, no matter what, because you are so, so awesome."

Back to their normal? Aidan finds Sally outside of Life of Pie and explains that he blames himself for how messed up everything got, but they were happy, right? Too bad their conversation is cut short when Donna summons Sally into her kitchen, and Sally has to give her the rundown on their history in the future before she agrees to help fix things. Sally will settle at the right time, but she is going to bounce around a bit first, and Aidan makes her promise to make him remember them. "I love you," he tells her. "I think I've loved you for a while now and just didn't realize it," she admits, and then comes time for the spell.

However, Sally lands in the future first, and it's a dark future. Aidan's upset and tells Josh that it was the one thing that gave him any hope. Josh tries to explain, but he kills him.

When Sally finally gets to the present – the right present – they had called the police for Robbie. "Please tell me you remember," she turns to Aidan, but he doesn't. She tells them she was in the future, but how soon in the future? "It felt really close." Uh-oh.

"Being Human" season 4 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Syfy. What did you think of episode 9, "Too Far, Fast Forward"?

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