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‘Being Human’ series finale spoilers: Sally’s sacrifice

"Being Human"
"Being Human"
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

The series finale of “Being Human” on Syfy will focus on Sally’s sacrifice, and fans have been predicting a main character will die. OregonLive reports on April 6 that Sally’s sacrifice will be a big part of the finale, so the “There Goes the Neighborhood” episode is expected to have some shocking twists for viewers.

The finale of the show will continue to feature the evil of the house dominating the lives of the characters, and Sally’s vision of Josh dying will play a role in it. Sally believes Aiden is capable of killing Josh, so she is willing to go to an extreme to stop the tragedy. The popular Syfy series about a vampire, werewolves and ghost is expected to leave fans with some surprises at the end.

After four seasons, it seems that Ramona may have the upper hand in the final episode of “Being Human,” and spoiler photos from the finale show her manipulating the characters. The haunted house arc has not been accepted by many fans, but the writers intend to make it a major part of the series’ conclusion.

The show has been canceled by Syfy, and other networks have not shown an interest in picking it up. To wrap up the series, writers have decided to go back to the beginning and link the house to the development of the characters. It is not clear how many of them will survive the ending of “Being Human,” or how much of their friendship will remain intact.