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'Being Human' season 4, episode 3 spoilers

Meaghan Rath plays Sally on "Being Human"
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

"Being Human" is airing once again and the title of season 4, episode 3 is "Lil Smokie." It turns out that things may not go very well for Aiden, Josh and Sally. On Jan. 21, Dread Central reported on what viewers can expect when the next episode airs.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Being Human" season 4, episode 3 spoilers, then stop reading.

Kenny is going to return, but that is not the only thing in store for Aiden during the upcoming episode. He will also be dealing with some problems with the new vampire boss in town, which is to be expected considering the history.

Things aren't going to go smooth for Josh either. After he was taken out of the wolf he seemed to be either a shell of his human self or traumatized. On the last episode fans saw his eyes when he looked in the mirror. It seems that Sally was probably right when she was upset that they took him out before she could complete the spell. However, they had no way of knowing since she was uncontrollably jumping between different times and dimensions.

Sally is going to try to figure out her new powers and once again, she finds herself in a different place. She witnesses a horrible thing that was done to a little girl, but why she is witnessing it is yet to be discovered.

"Being Human" season 4, episode 3 will air on Jan. 27.

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