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'Being Human' 'Rewind, Rewind' recap: Is this how it's supposed to be?

BEING HUMAN -- "Rewind, Rewind..." Episode 408 -- Pictured: (l-r) Andreas Apergis as Ray, Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik, Sam Huntington as Josh Levison, Vincent Leclerc as Marcus, Sam Witwer as Aidan Waite
BEING HUMAN -- "Rewind, Rewind..." Episode 408 -- Pictured: (l-r) Andreas Apergis as Ray, Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik, Sam Huntington as Josh Levison, Vincent Leclerc as Marcus, Sam Witwer as Aidan Waite
Philippe Bosse/Syfy

What if one pretty significant event is changed? How does it affect everything that happened next? Take a look at the Monday, March 3 episode of "Being Human," 408, "Rewind, Rewind," for those answers.

Sally takes matters into her own hands – her own matters, in fact –and possesses herself and fights back against Danny, saving her own life. So how does that change "Being Human"?

A new relationship for Sally and Aidan

Bridget takes Sally to the hospital to get her wrist looked at after she punches Danny, and despite trying to avoid her friends, Nora's ("Bangs!" Sally proclaims, prompting questions about whether or not she also hit her head) the one who comes over to initially look at her wrist and Aidan's the one who puts a brace on it.

After seeing Aidan and Rebecca together, Sally breaks up their date by playing the "you didn't call me and you gave me genital warts" card (better than the "sorry I drained you like a human Capri Sun" one Aidan would have had to play?). When Aidan questions her, he initially thinks she's working for Bishop, but she explains she's from the future and was thrown back in time, they lived together for years and she can keep him from going down the slippery path of Bishop. She's convincing enough that he helps her convince Josh to move into the house (the $800 rent helps too) and that living with a "guardian angel" third roommate who knows what they are is a great idea.

However, one thing does change: Sally and Aidan's relationship. After Bridget "slips" and hits her head, Sally calls the police accusing Danny, and Aidan's the one who comforts her and tells her it's not her fault and she made his life better. One thing leads to another, they kiss, and they become the new golden couple of the house. Sally tries to play matchmaker and leaves Josh and Nora to make a connection while she drags Aidan dancing, but they run into Marcus. She sends Marcus away with a mention of the Amish ("I'm the ghost of Christmas Suck It") and warns Aidan to stay away from him.

Aidan and Sally's relationship is going so great that it surprises him when he finds out they're not together in the future because he was attracted to her the moment he met her. They even say "I love you," but are some things (like their relationship) just not meant to be?

Josh's life is different

While it seems like everything is better with Sally alive, that's not true for Josh. Sure, she helps him by telling him about the change bag – clothes, sandwich, water, hydrogen peroxide (for his breath, something he really needs to know), burner phone and rump roast to keep the wolf distracted all night – and when he begins to worry about his and Nora's relationship, she tells him they get married. However, Sally ends up being the one he scratches when she keeps Nora away while he's changing one full moon, and while she just sees it as "a little hiccup," he doesn't. It's just one more reason why he can't have a normal life, so instead of trying to work things out with Nora, he watches from afar as she dates a doctor.

Then, instead of meeting Sally in the woods for the full moon, he spends it with Ray and lashes out when Sally tries to warn him and tell him he's his maker. "This is my life," he says, and it's one where he doesn't fit in the house anymore. "It wasn't supposed to be this way! There's nothing left for me in this house except a failed experiment." With that, he moves out. But aren't some things (like them living in that house) meant to be?

Something major doesn't change

After Josh leaves, Sally blames herself for changing things so much that it's now all wrong. "Different isn't wrong," Aidan argues, telling her to give up on her idea of how things should be. He's not going to feel guilty about their life together because Josh can't get his life together, and that makes her realize that she changed Aidan. The Aidan she loves would never give up on his best friend, and she doesn't think they're meant to be together.

Sally's determined to fix what went wrong, but things quickly begin to spiral. Josh and Aidan aren't talking to each other, Josh is out with Ray, and Aidan's busy getting blood-drunk with Marcus. When everything collides in an alley one night, all hell breaks loose and Sally ends up dying, with only enough time to tell Aidan she forgives him and loves him. Maybe some things (like Sally dying) are meant to be.

"Being Human" season 4 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Syfy. What did you think of "Rewind, Rewind"?

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