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‘Being Human’ recap of episode 4×06 ‘Cheater of the Pack’

‘Being Human’ review of episode 4×06 ‘Cheater of the Pack’
‘Being Human’ review of episode 4×06 ‘Cheater of the Pack’
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In “Cheater of the Pack”, Josh learns what changing with the pack during the full moon really means and he doesn’t like it on the latest installment of “Being Human.” Den of Geek reviewed it on Feb. 16 and hit the cheater, er, nail on the head.

The morning after the full moon, Josh wakes up next to head of blonde hair and thinks maybe this changing with the pack thing isn’t such a bad idea until the blonde turns out to be Wendy instead of Nora. Wendy is convinced their wolves had sex the night before and Josh is mortified. He wants to keep it from Nora but Wendy thinks they should just go with whatever their inner wolves want to do.

Sally’s brother Robbie shows up with the startling announcement that he’s selling the house for $300,000 and they have 30 days to buy it or he will sell it to someone else. Aidan and Sally devise ridiculous plans to scare away any potential buyers. Josh sees this as an opportunity to make Nora happy and tries to convince here they should get their own place. She isn’t really into the idea. She sense something is up with Josh but can’t quite put her paw on it. Aidan and Sally look devastated.

Aidan is struggling with his hunger after his last binge depleted his supply. He turns to a blood bank where Suzanna finds him. She pulls him away, determined to get him past this craving. Later, he turns to a friend for a favor that results in another dead girl in his room with blood everywhere.

Meanwhile, Sally is desperate to hang onto the house so she casts a spell that gives the house a bad smell. This causes her to time travel and she ends up back in 2009 when she first moved into the house with Danny. She discovers that Robbie knew Danny was a loser and tried to warn her. She ran Robbie off with her devotion to Danny but now realizes her brother always had her best interests at heart.

Lil Smokie still seems to be haunting the house in the present. While a family views the house, she lures their child to her and injures him. Then, as Robbie is trying to rid the house of Sally’s magical bad smell, an entity or Lil Smokie or something else perhaps, kills him!

Josh eventually tells Aidan at the bar what happened with Wendy and Aidan advises Josh to not tell Nora. Wendy has no problem telling her husband Mark and Josh worries Nora will find out. Aidan’s advice is to lie,lie,lie. Just when it looks as if Josh is going to come clean and tell Nora anyway, Mark turns up and delivers a beating to Josh and spills the beans anyway. Mark shoves Nora and Josh partially changes into his wolf and nearly destroys the guy.

Josh tries to apologize to Nora but she’s having none of that. She storms upstairs and he’s sleeping on the couch. Aidan’s got a dead girl in his bloody room and Sally and Robbie are in the basement standing over Robbie’s lifeless body. What a mess!

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