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‘Being Human’ photos, new trailer for episode 4X07 ‘Gallows Humor’

Being Human” brought a great deal of turmoil to Josh, Nora, Aidan and Sally in the last episode and now we get a peek at the upcoming episode through the new promotional video and newly released photos from “Gallows Humor.” Spoiler TV released the photos on Feb. 18 and the promo later the same day.

Pilgrim Donna
Pilgrim Donna
Photo by SyFy Promotional
‘Being Human’ photos, new trailer for episode 4X07 ‘Gallows Humor’
Photos by SYFY Promotional

Josh had cheated on Nora with Wendy while in his wolf form during the last full moon. Wendy’s husband attacked Josh in a jealous rage and spilled the beans to Nora, leaving Josh squarely in the doghouse. The synopsis for the episode makes it sounds as if the newlyweds will be working on their problems together rather than apart. Here’s what the synopsis says:

“Sally learns more than she bargained for after going to Donna (Amy Aquino) for help dealing with her latest loss. Aidan and Suzanna (Katharine Isabelle) find themselves face-to-face with the truth about their tumultuous past while Nora and Josh seek out an old friend who might be able to turn things around.”

In the promo, Sally is upset that her brother Robbie has been killed. She summons Donna to see if there is any5ting that can be done about it. Aidan is chained to a bathroom sink while Suzanna tries to “reform” him.

The promotional photos show Josh and Nora locked in conversation and Sally and Donna visiting what looks like pilgrim times for a hanging. Check out the video and slideshow with this article to see for yourself.

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