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'Being Human' 'Old Dogs, New Tricks' recap: Unwanted forevers and familiar faces

BEING HUMAN -- Episode 401 "Old Dog. New Tricks" -- Pictured: (l-r) Kristen Hager as Nora Sergeant, Sam Huntington as Josh Levison
Philippe Bosse/Syfy

"Being Human" season 4 premiered Monday, Jan. 13, with "Old Dog, New Tricks," and despite how hard Sally may have tried, no one was in a happy place.

As "Being Human" season 4 began, Sally and Donna were relaxing in what looked like a spa, and since Sally had taken away her magazine, Donna at least wanted a salt scrub.

Elsewhere, werewolf Josh chased Aidan through the woods, with Nora joining them with a tranquilizer gun as they trapped him in a barn. "Some people go to Italy for their honeymoon. I bait my husband with a goat," Nora commented. This was their life, and Josh was getting faster and knew the woods better than they did. Aidan had to run him three times a day just to calm him down, but he said they'd get him back, something Nora doubted. It was beginning to feel like forever. But hey, it was nice to see that Aidan and Nora have bonded after everything, right?

During their massages, Donna sang praises for hot stone treatments. "Wasn't relaxing at first, reminded me of how too many of my friends died," she admitted, and Sally suggested putting them on the schedule for the next day. But would they be there then? Well, that all depended on Sally, since this was her happy place. Every time Sally began freaking out and Donna explained, Sally made a happy place, like a spa. It may have felt real, but that wasn't water Sally was running her hand through; it was blood.

With the night of the full moon came Josh's return to being human, but he only got 30 minutes with Nora before she turned, and they used that time to do what married couples on honeymoons should do instead of running their husbands through the woods and using goats against them.

Meanwhile, Sally got the crash course in why Donna had brought her there. "Save the world," she explained. It took her a while, but Donna finally got that she abused her power, and Sally had too. She had benched them in prison because it wasn't safe for Sally to be wandering around topside with all that power and she was going to keep them there forever – or at least until she figured out how to end them.

After saying goodbye to Nora, Josh joined Aidan at the trailer for a conversation they'd had before. After the first month, when he turned back into himself, he had thought it was over, only for morning to come and the wolf to rip him apart again, and he didn't think they should have to live with him like that. That was why he wanted Aidan to kill him, and when Aidan refused (again), Josh went for the silver knife that was kept around for emergencies. While Aidan knew he wasn't really going to use it, Josh worried that one day he would be too far gone to save (like Kenny), and he just wanted to make sure Aidan would be able to do what he had to. When he found out his friend was missing an event with Kat to be there, he forced him to leave. "You have to salvage this," he insisted. "It just takes me a minute to acclimate, and you are a very high maintenance vampire, and I just don't have the energy right now required to deal with your nonsense."

Back in the spa that wasn't, Donna said that by destroying Sally's death spot, she had erased her way home, but Sally realized that since they were linked, she could get through Donna's and so began her search. Though Donna tried to stop her, Sally went through the funnel of blood, falling down on a noose in a store/Donna's death spot, and once she freed herself and made it into the parking lot, she took a moment to dance in celebration before wondering about getting home.

Aidan was in for a surprise when he spotted Suzanna at Kat's faculty mixer, and when he stepped outside to look for her, she approached his girlfriend, commenting on her bracelet (it was Kat's grandmother's) and noting that her date was doting. Kat told her she should hang out with them, and when she went to find Aidan, Suzanna had disappeared. However, later, as Aidan was having sex with Kat, he suddenly found Suzanna under him instead (awk-ward) before waking up to Sally standing over his bed.

After they caught up, he was worried about what Donna had said, but she chose to focus on the good, that she was back. Then she asked about Josh, and she knew he wasn't there because the magazines weren't in a crazy display. When he took her to see him, however, he wasn't locked up like he should have been, a choice Josh himself had made. Aidan was ready to be bait again, and Nora got the tranquilizer gun, but when they found him, it was Sally to the rescue with some nifty new powers as she made fire appear around the werewolf and gave Nora time to tranq him. But then she disappeared…to another time in the same spot?

When Aidan went into work, he found Blake posing as a funeral home director to collect bodies to make more vampires, but she insisted she wasn't building an army, just trying to get back to status quo. While he said he didn't want to be involved, he did note that she was stuck with the grunt work and offered to be there if she needed to talk, all to make sure the city wasn't being run right of course. He agreed to let her build up the vampire population, but it wasn't happening where he worked.

But what he didn't know was that there was a new leader in town, and it was someone he knew very well: Kenny, minus the deformities. When he found out "Aunt Blake" had seen Aidan, he checked if she told him he was running Boston and wondered where he'd been. No, she hadn't and she hadn't asked, as she had been under impression they didn't need him. Good, because Kenny wanted to tell him on his own terms. Oh, and Aunt Blake? Stop using that tone with him, or there would be repercussions.

So what exactly happened to Sally? Well, she ended up in a room where women chanted "The blood of the child revives us" over a little girl before stabbing her.

Elsewhere, after a nearly "outstanding" wake-up, Kat told Aidan she loved him, and she refused to avoid the topic like 20-year-olds after. She did mean it, and she explained that the moment that she knew was the morning after the wedding, when the fog of the "champagne" haze lifted and she saw him. (Remember when Aidan had to bring Blake in so Kat would forget she found Sally's dead body?) So things were going well for Aidan and Kat, but later, after she had left, he received a surprise on his front step: Suzanna. "Aidan, it's me," she told him.

"Being Human" season 4 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Syfy. What did you think of the premiere "Old Dog, New Tricks"?

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