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Is it Possible to be Happy in These End Days?

The Bible states through the words of Jesus, that in the end days there will be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in various places, see that your heart not be troubled. But what Jesus might have been saying here may also have a lot more to with our physical bodies as well as our spirits. All things of the spiritual world will manifest in the physical, and all things in the physical can manifest in the spiritual. These concepts not only apply to what is happening in the natural world in these end days, but it also applies to the spiritual battle that is raging within you.

In the end times, spiritual attacks by Satan will come on stronger and stronger in an effort to keep people who were strong in the faith from reaching their ultimate goal. The enemies' most effective tool in doing this is through negativity and unbelief. Negativity is like a dark cloud, it attacks the soul, putting in holes of doubt and fear, making us weak which is the opposite of faith.This can be done easily through negative comments from others.

With each negative comment heard, accepted and taken in, a dark spot attaches itself somewhere on the person's body and soul. This happens when we accept this negative comment as truth. This dark spot will grow and manifest into more negative thoughts that soon become physical. The more negativity the person has stored up in them, the higher the chance that the person will take on some sort of physical aliment. Positive comments and thoughts get rid of negativity and once you clean it out of you, the symptoms of sickness and depression and so on will disappear.

Sickness, pain and disease is a direct result from the negative buildup in the body and soul. In fact so much can buildup in a person, that the person gets mental attacks and sickness as well. This is a spiritual attack on the person. But Jesus gave us the power to overcome such attacks, by rebuking negative energy.

Getting rid of negative energy may be as simple as refusing to hear it, see it or associate with it. When you do this you are not allowing it or giving it the power to enter in or manifest further in your mind and body. And the absence of it causes the positive to take its place and grow within you creating beautiful results.

As the positive begins to open up more and more in you, miracles are said to take place in the physical world. Not only will you be healed from ailments, but all sorts of doors will begin to open. Suddenly everything you dreamed and wished for now becomes a possibility. People are more friendlier and help comes from all directions. It seems that when you get rid of the negative in your life, God begins to bless you more abundantly. Because now you are growing in the Spirit, which is the spirit of truth, where all things are possible. At the same time you begin to realize that the only hold Satan had over you was through your negative beliefs. Once that truth is revealed, you become aware that there's nothing he can do to you. When you reject his beliefs, it gives you a new, ultimate sense of power over the enemy. The fact is negative energy was blocking all abundance and blessings that God had in store for you. Positive energy is Love, and God is that love. Through God and his love flowing through you, all things are possible.

Once you get rid of the negative, only true joy and happiness remains. The person who was once weak and weary becomes stronger and stronger as the power of positive energy begins to take hold where the negativity once had been.

Some people are bombarded with negative thoughts daily, because they are surrounded by people with these thoughts, as well as having these thoughts of their own, making it a continuous negative thought cycle from sun up to sun down. But it doesn't have to be this way. Our lives can be happy full of positive energy no matter what happens.

Even if the world is coming to an end, it is a choice to be positive that one must make. It is a choice to surround yourself with positive energy and to choose to be happy.

Blocking out all other distractions for just an hour day and replacing with positive music is a good start, and would make a big difference in your quest to overcome. Make the choice to keep negativity out of your life, by refusing to associate with people when they are being negative. You should reject this energy and immediately replace it with something positive to counteract the effects. Learn to see all people, including yourself, in a new positive light.

After awhile we will only know love, making us like we were when we were children, innocent in his sight. But it takes patience and practice and the desire to live by truth, in wanting to know all things that are pure and right.

We can be more like Jesus by learning to be more positive ourselves by giving out positive energy. Giving compliments and smiling is a great choice, along with helping someone in need. Also it is a good idea to not let negativity in by watching movies, playing games reading books etc. that would provoke negative thoughts, helping the cycle to continue. We must rebuke all negative energies regardless of where they come from.

The end of the world is upon us, but we do not have to live a life of fear and anxiety. Satan will attack the children of God through negativity, but it is up to us to accept it or rebuke it in the name of Jesus. If you learn to rebuke all negativity, you will live a life in peace, love and joy. And your physical body will have an all over healing response. Your life will change forever in being the way God had always truly intended it to be.

God intends for all his children to live a life of happiness and overflowing abundance, but it is up to us to overcome and embrace it. This is what being like Jesus is all about. Through positive energy, we can experience perfect love. And through perfect love, there is no fear. So no matter what happens in these end days, you will be able to discern the truth, knowing that you are protected through God's perfect presence, his undeniable truth and unconditional love flowing through you.

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