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Being GUTSY means Flying High

Gabrielle Giffords will mark the Tucson shooting anniversary by skydiving! What a way to begin a new year.

Hard to believe that it was just three years ago when a very disturbed young man took aim at then Congresswoman Giffords in a senseless shooting that took the lives of six and wounded thirteen including Gabby Giffords who had a bullet enter and exit through her head.

It was a beautiful, sunny day fill of hope and excitement. Then the sounds of the gun began to reverberate.

Each one there has a story, with Gabby’s being front and center as she has made the heroic trek on the road to recovery.

She is a standard bearer for what it means to be courageous, bold, and willing to continue to strive for a better world. She has rallied for gun laws and has not sat by the sidelines.

And now she will celebrate her successes by sky diving. What better way to show her GUTSY character than to fly through the air and show the world what real freedom looks like?

Let’s all stop for a minute and celebrate with this vital and powerful woman.

Way to go Gabby.

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