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Being Gay is a sin, Being Black Isn't

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If you are black stop saying being gay is like being black.
If you are not black stop saying being gay is like being black.

Being a black person is = to being like every other ethnicity. Period!
Whatever makes a person human everyone who is human is that equally.
Darwin's idea of favored races is wrong, yet it continues to be believed and perpetuated.

A man or woman practicing homosexuality is already a man or a woman. No black person has to announce his blackness to his sport. The young man didn't tell the NFL he is black. He had to tell them that he is gay. They knew he was black, they couldn't know he was gay. The fact that he had to announce one and not the other clearly demonstrates they are not the same.

Additionally, God calls homosexuality fornication and God calls fornication sin. A persons disagreement with that does not change it or make it untrue (Romans 1:18-32). Of course it goes without saying but I will say it God never calls being black sinful. If someone in the past did, it doesn't change a thing. And no being black is not a curse. God never condemns anyone for being black, he does condemn homosexuality.

Also, Homosexuality can be changed, it is an act that can be stopped. One's disagreement with that does not change it see (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

Every other argument beyond this one misses the point. The Homosexual agenda is not saying they are mistreated and our mistreatment is similar to what black people or women experienced in this country. They are saying homosexuality is = to being a black person. This should bother every human not just black people. Sadly, it seems many beyond the homosexual movement have accepted this as a reasonable argument.

There is no other sexual act that one can engage in and make it equal to personhood.

A man sleeping with multiple women is not equal to being black.
A woman sleeping with multiple men is not equal to being black.
A man committing adultery is not equal to being black.
A man marrying multiple women is not equal to being black.

How then can a man sleeping with a man be equal to being black?

Please remember everyone is going to give an account to God. We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10).

-Eric Owens

Minister, church of Christ



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