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Being formed by the hand of the Loving One

...Even everyone who is called by My name, whom I have created for My glory, whom I have formed, whom I have made. (Isaiah 43:7 AMP)

Called by His Name is being made like His character. It's to be close to Him and to become more loving, more gracious, less like the evil one as he works through people in this world. Certain people, though they might not place their trust in His Name, are good and sweet and wise. But there are some who allow the evil one to use them. We need to love them too but take care to remember our calling, to be near His Name, not falling into the trap of a hollow, meaningless existence.

He has created us for His honor and His glory. The meaning of glory is not very clear but it is as if when we love, or forgive, or have pure joy in our hearts it's a way of honoring God that shows His glory, His brilliant light, to those that don't rely on Him.

He formed us before we were in our mother's womb in a secret, mysterious place. (Psalm 139 AMP) Everything about us was hand-crafted by Him including our body, heart and soul. We're such a beautiful masterpiece in His sight. He named us there and placed us in that safe, temporary home in our mom.

Then as we were born He began forming us through His word, circumstances, people, our environment to encourage us to love Him. He longs for our love and woos us but never takes the choice away from us.

Somewhere in the Universe we were hand-crafted. Maybe somewhere pictured in this video.

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