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Being Fearless in Love

Some people are scared to fall in love. While falling in love could be great it could also lead to hurt feelings. If you really want love you have to take a chance. Here are ways how you could be fearless when it comes to love:

1) Love yourself. No one could love you if you do not love yourself. Write down a list of qualities that you love about yourself and that is how you will get noticed. When you love yourself you also experience a good relationship because you know that you don't deserve getting mistreated.

2) Don't settle. Being alone is a scary feeling but it is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. When you are with the wrong person you are not in love. You are not smiling or happy. Being in love is when you are happy all of the time.

3) Maintain a positive attitude. People who say that relationships or marriage is hard work are people who are in bad relationships. Yes relationships are work but when it is too much work something is wrong. Love and relationships should come easy even if now and then you may not agree on everything.

4) Do an evaluation when you feel that things are going wrong. If lately you have not been getting along like you used to, evaluate the relationship. Try to see where things started to go downhill and if any changes need to be made in the relationship.

Love can mean a lot of things. It could mean staying inside all day watching TV with the other person and not get bored. Love is a great feeling and when you are in love with someone you know. Don't settle and make sure the person you are with treats you right.

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