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'Being Farrah: A Teen Mom Special' recap

Farrah Abraham
Photo by Michael Buckner

Today, Feb. 23, MTV aired a special checking in withTeen Mom star, Farrah Abraham. Farrah’s “Teen Mom” producer, Heather, sat down and talked to Farrah about her life while her son, Henry, played with Farrah’s daughter, Sophia. Farrah said nothing she did ever stayed under the radar, and she is now moving into releasing a line of adult entertainment products to help others explore their sexuality.

Farrah dropped Sophia off at preschool while she went to see her Aesthetician. She had Botox injected to reduce “fine lines” around her face. Then, it was time for Sophia’s dance class, which an old high school friend of Farrah’s was actually teaching.

Farrah picked her mom, Debra, up from the airport, and Debra shared she was being considered for some jobs in the area, which Farrah was not happy to hear. Back at Farrah’s new house, she gave Debra a tour. Debra waited at home while Farrah picked Sophia up from preschool, and Sophia was not happy to have to wait around for the cameras to get set up in the car before they could go home.

Over dinner, Debra asked Farrah how she would feel if she got a job down there. Farrah worried she would want to live with her, but Debra assured her that would not be the case, and she just wanted to be close by. When Sophia fell asleep, talk turned to Farrah’s work, which Debra wanted Farrah to keep professional. Farrah explained she wasn’t letting negativity beat her down and felt she was being a good role model to Sophia.

The next day, Sophia colored in the kitchen with Debra, and Farrah received a package with a product she needed to take a picture with. Sophia refused to take a picture with her and began acting up and throwing things at Farrah. Farrah took her upstairs for a time out and made her stay in her room. She headed back downstairs for an interview with Mosh News, from the UK. They offered her a job as a columnist, which she happily told Debra about, and the two continued talking about her life and what happened after Farrah made the adult video.

Heather came by again, and she went through Sophia’s baby box with Farrah. They read through letters Sophia’s deceased father, Derek, had written to Farrah before he tragically passed away in a car accident, which brought Farrah to tears.

Farrah got ready to go out, and Sophia thought she looked evil in her outfit. Farrah went out with her friends…which included her Aesthetician. They talked about the negative haters in her life, and a fan walked over and bought her a drink.

As Debra packed to go home, Farrah told her she loved having her visit, but if she really was stationed there, they should keep it to visits. She felt their relationship had also improved with the space. Debra told her if she moved down there, she would have her own life.

Farrah read Sophia the annual letter she writes and had a hard time not crying as the episode came to a close.

In case you missed it, MTV will air “Being Farrah” again tonight, at 8:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. CST.

What did you think of the “Being Farrah” special? Are you a Farrah fan or a Farrah hater? Leave a comment below!

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