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Being fabulous with the body you have right now


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How long have you been putting your appearance on hold until that glad day when you achieve a 20-pound weight loss, get toned arms with a weight training program, or in some other way improve your chances of being mistaken for a supermodel?

Wouldn’t it make sense to be as magnificent as you can be this very moment and for the rest of your life? Achieving this splendor, which is easily within your grasp, might even accelerate the drive to reach your other health and fitness goals.

Use confident posture
Confident posture is correct posture—head, shoulders and pelvis stacked in a vertical line; weight evenly distributed if you’re standing, back comfortably erect, not slouched; abdominal muscles pulled in slightly. Correct posture also gives the immediate gratification of a sleeker, slimmer appearance.

Wear clothing that looks and feels great
Dump the clothes you’ve been clinging to with the hope that they will fit or come back into style someday. Similarly, chuck the way-too-big clothes that hide you. Shelters, ministries, and charities are clamoring for apparel to help people who need those items far more than the back of your closet does.

From this moment forward, buy and wear only fashion that fits and is flattering on you. You only have you, and you only have now. Dress for life like you mean to live it. Whether formal, casual, or in between, the clothes you choose to wear should comfortably skim your body—not tight, not loose. Wear clothes that say, “I look amazing, and I know it!”

Embrace a flattering hairstyle
Find the best hairstylist you can afford—ask for referrals from people you know or see who have great hair. (No stranger will ever be offended when you approach with, “You look great. Who styles your hair?”)

Women: wear flattering and natural makeup
If you are not comfortable using make-up, ask a friend who looks pulled together to give you a cosmetics lesson and recommendations for purchases suitable for you. You can also find books at the library or bookstore, as well as coaching on YouTube, for makeup application.

The big pay-off:  smile
One and all look beautiful when they smile. The mere act of smiling creates a feeling of happiness—which is irresistibly attractive. Right now.

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  • Dawn 5 years ago

    This is the article that so many need to hear, and absorb. I love the way you broke down the steps to address working with what you already have as a person, and enhancing it to your advantage. Great article, highly appreciated.

  • DrStarbuck 5 years ago

    Great advice for everyone. Thanks for the reminder!

  • gputscher 5 years ago

    As usual great informative article. THanks you.

  • Winona Cooking Examiner/whiteshoulder 5 years ago

    Well written and attractive article. The steps described here are wonderful and should be shared with many. Your words will help many see the light that they can be fabulous with the body they already have.

  • Jan 5 years ago

    We all need to feel good with ourselves, before we can project a good self image.Bravo! Well written and well said!I promise I'll throw out the spandex tomorrow morning!

  • Roberta Baxter Eugene, OR. Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    With all the struggles of the world, if we work on your well stated points life can be fulfulling with a joyful heart.