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Being Exclusive

Being Exclusive

Our generation is infatuated with the idea of being exclusive, as if all previous efforts were solely to accomplish monogamy. This way of thinking often has negative impacts on relationships and can lead to negative results.

Because teens want to ultimately be exclusive, they often rush into relationships far too early. Now this could very well lead to a classic Noah and Ali ending, where the radiant love for one another is so strong that they know at first glance. But more often than not, couples need time to get to know one another before furthering the relationship. When teens don't allow themselves that time, they are committing so someone before seeing their true colors.

Let's say I want to buy a car. I get on Craigslist, pick the first ad I see, and buy it without asking any questions. I neglect to ask about the mileage, interior condition, or miles per gallon. I don't even take it for a test drive. A week later, I'm on my way to an interview and the car battery dies. The next week It starts to rain but my windshield wipers don't work. I didn't verify these conditions before committing to the purchase and will, therefore, suffer the consequences.

Its the same concept with dating. Get to know one another and have fun doing so! You're only young once, and you won't always have the freedom to date whoever you want, so just enjoy it and don't rush anything. There will be plenty of time for a committed relationship in the years to come. Be free, little one!