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Being each other's support

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Woman profile
Federica Stevanin

Most of us have come across times in our lives where we really need the support of the one's we love. Whether it is due to losing a job, family member, or just feeling down, it's important for us all to have a support system.

There are some guides for both sides of this equation. If you are the one being supportive your role is a lot different than if you are in need of some support. There are definitely some key things to remember for both.

If you are being the support for someone going through a difficult time:


  • Remember to be patient! The other person may not be their normal self, especially if they are depressed about something, it might be hard to get them to open up, but by proving that you are there for them, eventually they will reach out to you.

  • Listen first. Someone going through a hard time usually does not want advice, they just want a shoulder to cry on, literally. If they ask for your advice, give it in small doses, but remember your responsibility is just to be there to listen to what they are going through.

  • They understand if you don't know what to say. Telling them this is much better than  false sincerity such as the typical oh I know how you feel, things will get better, etc. Saying that does not help, because no one knows exactly how they feel, and at that moment it doesn't seem like it will get better.

  • Focus on the good things. Sometimes all someone in grieving wants is a distraction to what is going on.

If you are the one needing support:

  • Remember that you do have people there for you to listen to you cry or ramble and vent.

  • Thank them for their kindness and support and remember to recirprocate.

  • Try to not take aggression out on your support system. They are there for you.

There is no tried and true rule on how to get over a tramautic incident, but remember to go to someone for help. And if things get too bad, don't be afraid to seek professional help!


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