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'Being Dad: A Teen Mom Special' recap

Maci Bookout, star of 'Teen Mom' and Ryan's ex-girlfriend
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Today, June 8, MTV aired its first “Being Dad: A Teen Mom Special.” The show featured a look into the lives of Ryan Edwards, ex-boyfriend of Maci Bookout and father to Bentley; Corey Simms, ex-husband of Leah and father to twins Ali and Aleeah; and Jo Rivera, ex-boyfriend of Kailyn and father to Isaac.

Ryan spent time with Bentley at his parents’ house. His new girlfriend, Shelby, stopped over, and the three went to a trampoline place. There, Ryan talked to a friend and told him he loved Shelby, and she even gets along with Bentley and Maci. He mentioned the two were going to start looking for houses.

Corey and his wife, Miranda, get the twins on the weekends. The two sat down to talk about disciplining the girls and Miranda’s role in their lives. They also talked about Corey’s feelings on Ali’s wheelchair, and he explained he wasn’t in denial but rather, trying not to be negative.

Jo said good-bye to one of his best friends, who was leaving for a new job in California. Jo then made the trip to pick Isaac up from Kailyn halfway in between their houses. The two briefly discussed the number of cameras, since the “Teen Mom 2” crew was also filming. Jo brought Isaac back to his apartment, where his girlfriend, Vee, was waiting.

Corey took the girls back to Leah, and they also discussed the cameras around. Meanwhile, Miranda went to lunch with a friend. She told him she was very happy, and Corey having an ex-wife wasn’t easy, but they did everything for the girls. She talked about respecting boundaries and putting past feelings behind them for their kids.

Ryan talked to Shelby about living together, and she said she wanted to, but they agreed they needed to talk to Maci first. Bentley overheard and went downstairs to tell Ryan’s parents. He was upset. Ryan talked to Bentley, who said he liked living at “Mimi and Papa’s” house. Bentley wondered why Ryan wanted to move, and he said he wanted to be out on his own before explaining what the move would mean for Bentley’s schedule.

Jo made breakfast while Vee gave Isaac a bubble machine. Isaac was very excited. Jo and Vee talked about their future, and Vee said she would like to start a day care in Florida, where she knows she wants to be for a long time. Jo explained he couldn’t move there, because he needed to be close to Isaac.

Ryan and Shelby took Bentley along to look at a house. They really liked it, so Ryan asked for an application and said they were interested. Ryan played baseball with Bentley and talked to his dad about moving in with Shelby. Bentley chimed in and said, “It’s not a good idea.” Ryan’s dad wondered what would happen if things didn’t work out.

Corey talked to his dad about the drama in his life. His dad said he needed to communicate with Leah and wondered if it ever upset Miranda. Corey explained it was a fine line to keep both Leah and Miranda happy. His dad compared it to his own situation with Corey after he and Corey’s mom divorced.

Jo took Isaac over to his mom’s house, where she was living alone since she separated from Jo’s dad. Isaac said he missed his grandpa, and Jo and Janet told him they could go visit him whenever he wanted. Janet told Isaac she and his grandpa loved him, and they would always be there for him.

Corey and Miranda agreed the house was quiet without the girls. Corey told Miranda he knew it must be hard to handle his relationship with Leah, but Miranda was very easygoing and understanding about everything.

Vee and Jo took Isaac out to eat. In the car on the way there, they talked about Jo’s long drive to pick Isaac up the day before and how badly Vee felt for Kailyn, having to make the drive with a baby. Jo said he didn’t want to have any more kids and compared it to playing a video game for four years, beating it, and then going back to start the game all over again. Vee was frustrated – if Jo could play the game, why couldn’t she?

Maci stopped by Ryan’s parents’ house the pick Bentley up and asked how he and Shelby were doing. Ryan told Maci they liked the house, and so did Bentley. In the car, Bentley told Maci he was going to live with Ryan, but he didn’t want to. Maci told him he needed to.

At the restaurant, Vee walked away from the table, and Jo told the cameras she just needed space. When she came back, Jo asked her to tell him how she was feeling, and she started to cry. Jo asked Vee to come sit by him at the table, and Isaac wondered what was wrong and told Jo to “protect her.” Vee explained why she was upset, and Jo said he didn’t know if he wanted to get married or have a kid anytime soon. He just wasn’t ready and felt he was being pressured. Vee didn’t think that was fair.

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