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Being "Clipped" from the top

Ronald Martinez/Getty
Ronald Martinez/Getty
Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling is a man who is used to getting his way and having things done his way. But sometimes being rich and powerful can lend a person to believe in a sense of invincibility about themselves. Mr. Sterling is a product of a different generation and a very different mindset than that of many people today, "not all people", but many people who are in similar positions. But regardless of how you feel about a certain section of society, no one is immune from being humiliated when their true feelings are expressed during an emotional exchange of words. Especially if you are being recorded, those darn cell phones.

But it has come to light that Donald Sterling has had a history of discriminatory actions against minorities. Stemming from his real estate investments in urban housing developments and rental agreements that were hastily broken. He has also had less than close relationships with former players like Baron Davis and Elton Brand, who played for the Clippers when the team was not exactly the place where top players wanted to play. Another example of how money and power can buy silence, even from millionaire NBA players. But not forever, and with this latest revelation, despite the good things he has done for the city of Los Angeles, sometimes you need to know when to bow out and enjoy the game from afar, not the front row.