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'Being Catelynn: A Teen Mom Special' recap

Catelynn Lowell
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

MTV checked in with Teen Mom star, Catelynn Lowell, today, Feb. 23, during its “Being Catelynn” special. Even though Catelynn and fiancé, Tyler Baltierra, made the courageous decision to give their baby up for adoption, “Teen Mom” still went on to chronicle their lives to show teen moms they had other options. Since “Teen Mom” ended, Catelynn and Tyler began attending college, bought a house, had Catelynn’s younger sister move in, and called off their wedding after appearing on VH1’s “Couples Therapy.” Tyler’s dad, Butch, was once again in jail.

Catelynn and Tyler picked her sister, Sarah, up from school, and she asked them questions about the wedding on the way home. Tyler was clearly frustrated and stormed into the house. Later, Catelynn sat him down to talk about everything, and he explained he had goals he wanted to accomplish before they got married. Catelynn was in tears as she said she wanted to be with him forever and would work on anything with Tyler.

Catelynn picked up her mom, April, and the two went to the bridal store for Catelynn to try her dress on and arrange payments to pay it off. The store clerk explained the store owner preferred for her to pay it off in full, so she did.

Tyler and Catelynn prepared for a speaking engagement about adoption, which was the first event their families were attending. Afterward, they went out to celebrate with friends, and Catelynn revealed to her friend that she had been throwing up for the past few days. At home, Tyler told her he heard her and wondered about her symptoms. Catelynn assured him she wasn’t pregnant – she just didn’t feel good, and the two went Christmas shopping for Carly.

The couple headed to meet with their adoption counselor, Dawn, and vented about how they didn’t know they weren’t able to publicly share pictures of Carly and didn’t understand why. Catelynn told Dawn she felt frustrated at how Brandon and Teresa shared pictures, but they weren’t allowed to. Dawn told them they had the right to ask, but it was a very small thing in comparison to everything they had been through.

Tyler went to his mom’s house and continued venting to her and his step-dad, who had also purchased a Christmas gift for Carly, while Catelynn talked to Sarah at home. Catelynn tried to have a conversation with Sarah about the “birds and the bees” and told her she knows she is sexually active, so she wanted to know if she needed to go on the birth control pill. Sarah told her condoms were enough, and she would keep using them, since they had worked so far.

Catelynn and Tyler went to see April, who was working on getting her own antique store ready. April told them she received a 40-page letter with divorce papers from Butch, so she went to the courthouse and filed for divorce herself.

Brandon and Teresa sent Catelynn and Tyler a letter thanking them for letting Carly be a part of their lives, and they agreed to re-think the photos situation. Teresa called, and they got to talk to Carly to tell her Merry Christmas.

April took Catelynn to get a pregnancy test, which they actually showed her taking in the bathroom. It turned out to be negative, and Catelynn told her mom she wasn’t going to tell Tyler about it.

Tyler went over to his mom’s again and told her he felt he was just petrified of marriage. He worried about getting married so young and having it end in divorce. His mom reminded him a lot of people get married young and stay married, so he shouldn’t be scared.

Catelynn and Tyler went for a walk, and Tyler told Catelynn they needed to talk. He explained that he knew he hurt her, but he needed the ring back, because it wasn’t fair. He told her that he didn’t want to be without her, she gave him a beautiful daughter, and he wanted to get into counseling for them to be together forever. Then, he got down on his knee and asked Catelynn if she still wanted to marry him, which she did.

If you missed this afternoon’s special, MTV will air “Being Catelynn” again tonight, at 9:00 p.m. EST/8:00 p.m. CST.

What did you think of the “Being Catelynn” special? Do you think the couple will ever get married? Leave a comment below!

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