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'Being Amber: A Teen Mom Special' recap

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the 'Teen Mom' reunion specials
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Today, Feb. 23, MTV aired “Being Amber,” a special centered on Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood, who was being released from prison early after obtaining her GED. Amber’s mom, brother, and her nephew went to pick her up, and they met her “Teen Mom” producers down the road from the facility, since Amber had kept in touch with them. She also had to stop to answer some questions from the paparazzi. Amber’s dad called as they drove home and offered to come up and visit her. They stopped so Amber could change before eating at Big Boy, where her dad was waiting inside to surprise her.

Amber’s brother took her to her grandparents’ house, where she would be staying to start her new life. Amber was nervous to have Leah sleep over, since she had only seen her three times in the last year-and-a-half. Leah told Amber there was a new girl named Kristina, who had a daughter, Karly, referring to Gary’s new girlfriend. Amber was surprised to hear the news and remained quiet, so Gary left. She put Leah in her pajamas and tried talking to her, but Leah didn’t want to be serious. Eventually, she promised she thought about Amber while she was away.

In the morning, Leah showed Amber her writing skills, and Amber started to feel overwhelmed with filming. She went to her room to cry, but Leah went in to cheer her up. Amber’s dad and brother came over, and she told her brother about the things she wanted to do going forward, like opening a rehab facility of her own. Later on, Amber talked to Leah about her birthday and discussed party plans with her grandma.

Gary talked to his girlfriend, Kristina, about seeing Amber and Leah’s birthday party. He went to pick Leah up, and she hid from him under the table because she didn’t want to leave. Amber told Gary they could have Leah’s birthday party there, and her family could come. Gary asked if his girlfriend could come to the party with her daughter, but Amber just didn’t know she was ready for that. After they left, Amber told her grandma she was upset about how Gary had gone about everything. She felt he lead her on while she was in jail.

Amber was without a driver’s license, so her cousin, Krystal, came to pick her up to shop for Leah’s birthday present. Amber told her it was a rough day for her, because it was easier to be sober in prison than when she was free. Krystal told her she wasn’t going to go around anyone she used to. Amber also talked about Gary’s new girlfriend.

Amber’s mom picked Leah up from Gary’s and told him they were going to have a separate birthday party for Leah, which they did. Afterward, Gary picked Leah up and took her to her next birthday party. At Leah’s birthday party, Gary told Kristina he would always have a soft spot for Amber. Leah told Kristina she wanted to call her “Mommy,” too. Kristina and Gary were caught off-guard, and Gary told her they would keep having Leah call her “Kristina.”

Amber called Gary and asked if they could talk alone. Kristina was there, and she started crying, so Gary asked what was wrong. Kristina admitted she was afraid of losing Gary to Amber.

After Kristina was gone, Amber went to talk to Gary, and he said she was able to accomplish more in prison during the last year-and-a-half. He said it also helped him to not be so addicted and obsessed with her, but letting go of her was hard. Amber told Gary she went to prison for a year-and-a-half and wondered if he cared. She said he played her while she was in prison and told him not to lead her on. Leah came running in after their talk, so Amber’s mood change as she happily spent time with her daughter.

If you missed Amber’s special today, MTV will air “Being Amber” again tonight, at 10:00 p.m. EST/9:00 p.m. CST.

What did you think of the “Being Amber” special? Do you think Amber has really turned over a new leaf? Leave a comment below!

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