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Being a Virtual Schooling Parent is Worth It

This is what an ideal virtual schooling day looks like.  It doesn't just happen...but sometimes, everything clicks.
This is what an ideal virtual schooling day looks like. It doesn't just happen...but sometimes, everything clicks.
Emily L. Goodman

There are a lot of difficulties associated with being a virtual schooling parent. For many, even beginning may seem like an insurmountable challenge—but the rewards, in the end, far outweigh the difficulties. There will be hard days. There will be days when it seems easier to throw in the towel. Fortunately, for every hard day, there is an equal reward.

There will be days when your child looks up at you and says, “I get it.” You will have slaved over the topic. It will have cost both of you in blood, sweat, and many, many tears—some of them yours. But that golden, shining moment, when your child, who previously was miles behind her class and didn’t understand some of the basic, foundational concepts, looks up at and says, “I get it!” is worth every moment.

If your child was bullied in a traditional brick and mortar school, you will get to see him slowly come back out of his shell. Gradually, there will be fewer fights, fewer fusses, fewer tears. His stress level will decrease, and he will be able to focus on learning again. Slowly, he will return to the child you know and love, rather than the child who was so tense and afraid.

If your child was ahead of the class, you will see the relief on her face as she is finally, finally able to stop learning at someone else’s pace and proceed at hers. If she finishes before her “school day” is done, she’s able to spend those hours doing the things that she really wants to do, learning the things that are really of interest to her, and as a result, she will start thriving.

You’ll be there for all of the highs and lows. You’ll be able to watch every bit of progress. You’ll know when your child is struggling and how to help—maybe even better than their teacher.

You’ll be able to take special vacation days just by shuffling your schedule around a little. Is there a holiday near your child’s birthday? Work through the holiday and take their birthday off instead. Is there a day when you really want to take a day off for a special trip? There’s always Saturday to make it up.

As a virtual schooling parent, you can stop for the day when your child starts to become overwhelmed. You can redirect when one lesson or technique simply isn’t working. You can structure your child’s day and their assignments according to what works best for your particular child, not based on what works best for an entire classroom full of students. You can move ahead when they’re ready to move ahead, and back up and revisit a lesson when they just aren’t getting it.

There are a number of challenges to being a virtual schooling parent—but all of them are manageable, and in the end, being a virtual schooling parent is abundantly rewarding.

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