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Being a Fireman Is More About Pride Than Pay

Saint Cloud firefighters earn very little in pay, but in reality its all about the commitment and dedication to the community. What attracts many men and women to the profession is the family tradition and of course the commitment to keeping people safe. The pay is considered to be very low on the list of priorities for the ultimate drive of a fireman's lifestyle.

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An analysis from the St. Cloud Times reports that paid on-call firefighters throughout central Minnesota receive only about $800 to $5,000 a year for pay, depending on which city you look at. Firefighters receive hundreds of calls year, and each job can last at least an hour to even days.

Yes, these proud people obviously receive many calls at midnight, but what many people do not realize that it also cuts into pay during their daytime jobs when they have to leave when they get a call. Sometimes pay is only made up with vacation or paid time-off and it makes it hard to find reliable day-time firefighters due to this hurtle.

Saint Cloud is the only city that has a career fire department in the region. So, when it all depends on what city they are working in for pay levels, but the pride in the ability to serve is what really matters most to these folks who give their lives in order to make a difference. There was actually one fire chief that went around to local business owners asking if they would serve since they get paid from the community, and to please consider a chance at giving back to the community as well.

So when you see those firemen walking around with one of those boots on the side of the road asking for donations for a cause don't hesitate to give! Every little penny counts when it comes down to helping our firefighters and keeping our community safe. It really takes a lot of gusto to get out there and do what they do that's for sure.

So what is 'Pride' in the sense of these firefighters? Pride to a firefighter is... a high opinion of ones importance, or merit that is cherished in the bearing and conduct of such a person. It is when something is cherished, enjoyed and valued above all others.

That definition makes all the sense in the world for what these special people do for us!

By Tina Elliott

St. Cloud Times

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