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Behold! The Institute for Trial Consulting is now open!

The Institute for Trial Consulting (i4TC) is now open to trial consultants and attorneys. i4TC is an educational organization that teaches the art and science of trial consulting and litigation psychology. An affiliate of Trial Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in litigation psychology, i4TC provides a unique case intake questionnaire that will direct you to our archival database of research reports relevant to your case.
The i4TC database offers access to multiple resources:

• Thousands of scientifically-driven jury research reports
Developed from actual mock trials, focus groups and jury simulation, these reports are scientifically-driven, providing numerous tested trial strategies developed by Trial Consultants, Inc. Uncover case-specific problem areas and corresponding solutions, access proven effective voir dire questions, psychological perspectives, identify jurors’ underlying cognitive distortions and much more!

• A “how to” Successful Guide to Trial Consulting
Exclusive to i4TC is The Successful Guide to Trial Consulting. No other consulting firm offers this step-by-step, “how to” service. This guide provides the nuts and bolts of the NEWEST AND INNOVATIVE focus group planning and administration.

• Juror post-verdict interviews
Available only to trial consultants are juror post-verdict interviews. Post-verdict interviews are a useful tool to determine how the jurors feel concerning attorney performance. They provide information regarding how the attorney delivered in the courtroom - detailing his or her strengths and weaknesses, presentation style and disposition.

• Witness Works- witness preparation strategies
Available only to trial consultants, Witness Works contains numerous effective witness-specific resources that are part of the Witness Preparation Notebook. Among these resources are sample evaluation forms, scientific articles written by Dr. Singer on the subject of Witness Preparation and case-specific witness preparation reports.

• Applied social psychological research resources
TCI has a vast collection of real-world social psychological case studies available. These scientific studies are proven to be extremely valuable when working on new cases as a trial consultant or litigator, as they reveal a multitude of cognitive and decision making processes directly related to juror decision making.

• Supplemental Juror Questionnaires
Available to litigators only, i4TC offers numerous scientifically-tested Supplemental Juror Questionnaires (SJQ’s). SJQ’s are an effective methodology for obtaining information about jurors during the voir dire process. These questionnaires aid the attorney in the investigation into the potential juror’s background, personal experiences, and worldviews, for example.

Dr. Amy Singer, founder and CEO, is a nationally recognized expert and pioneer in the field of trial consulting. Dr. Singer has over 30 years of success in jury research, trial preparation, interactive focus groups, supplemental juror questionnaires, witness preparation, jury selection, juror post-verdict interviews and most recently, social media analytics. For more information on The Institute for Trial Consulting, visit

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