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Behind the song "I Wanna Know What Love Is"

You have all heard the song "I Wanna Know What Love Is." The song has been around for years. Mariah Carey also sung the song. The original singer explains what love is and how he got the idea for the song that became a hit and made us all wonder what love is.

"I Wanna know What Love Is" is sung and written by Foreigner and it became a hit in 1984. The song itself was baseed on his ex wife. He then went to the studio and the song soon became a hit.

Foreigner explains that the song is based on the feeling of love. The emotion and what it is like when two people fall in love with each other.

To some people falling in love can be scary and to other people falling in love can be great. It all depends on the type of person who is falling in love and what type of love they are going through.

Some people mistake love for lust. Lust is physical but true love is when you love that person no matter what. You want to be with them and cannot picture your life without them.

Listen to the song and figure out for yourself what love is. There comes a point when you meet that special someone and you find out what love is.

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