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Behind the scenes in New Orleans, an unannounced star on NCIS: New Orleans

NCIS: New Orleans is currently listed as in "Pre-Production" status on IMDB but the signs and the Hollywood trucks lining Rampart and St. Ann in New Orleans say it is definitely in Production and that tonight, March 11, 2014, was the final night of filming. They managed to wedge the production in during the very brief lull in tourists between the two major holiday celebrations Mardi Gras and Saint Patricks Day.

Shooting through the window on the streets of New Orleans
2014 © by John N Collins of The Weird Review
Who is the actress getting into the car on the set of the NCIS: New Orleans pilot?
© 2014 by John N Collins of The Weird Review

Currently the project only shows Lucas Black, Scott Bakula, and Paige Turco as the actors on the show. While nowhere on IMDB is there any mention of her, Kelsey Scott was looking sharp and sporting a badge this evening for the final shoot of the NCIS: New Orleans pilot.

Ms. Scott is a veteran actor with twenty five years of credits from her role on "the Robert Guillaume Show" to the recent award (including the Oscar for best picture!) winning "12 Years a Slave".

Will Ms. Scott become a permanent member of the cast? It is hard to speculate from the few minutes of shooting they did this evening. It consisted of Ms. Scott walking out of a bar, down the street, and entering a car. Then there were some additional noises from around the corner. From the perspective of one of this evening's spectators it looks like it will be a cliffhanger. The fans can only hope, at this point, that Ms. Scott will become a permanent addition to the soon to be favorite show.

In addition to Ms. Scott, another actor from "12 Years a Slave", Royal Dixon, was on the scene. He indicated that he was just there as crowd filler but chatting with the fellow, it is clear he has his sight set for the top. So best wishes to Kelsey and Royal, to many years of NCIS: New Orleans and laissez les bon temps rouler!

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