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Behind the red velvet rope at Thrive Nightclub in Dallas

The red velvet rope outside Thrive Nightclub inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel
The red velvet rope outside Thrive Nightclub inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel
Miranda Wright

The color is crushed red velvet, and when you run your hand down the length of rope it feels like satin underneath your fingertips, warm, until you get to the metal where it turns cold from the chill of air conditioning blowing above. Sometimes when standing in line too long you might be tempted to move the rope, squeeze by, or crawl underneath but don’t, the men in the black suits will get mad at you, and those two men are the last men you want to make angry. They hold your golden ticket through the door. Tonight we stand in line behind the red velvet rope at Thrive Nightclub in Dallas which has only been open for about two months and is the newest edition to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Dallas off Deep Ellum. In front of us are two very tall and broad shouldered well dressed door guys named John and Joe with counters in their hand, and by their side a smiling door hostess with a clip board checking off each person on the list as they pass through the red velvet rope and into the doors of one of the newest and most luxuriant clubs in the city. It’s a Saturday night and the team at the door is expecting between 500 to 600 people this evening, as there has been a constant flow of perfumed beauties and stylish dandies that have been lining up and waiting patiently to make their way inside Thrive Nightclub. Patience seems to be key on both ends of the rope, along with a polite smile and proper attire. The people at the door set the image for the club and its business attire every night, something that is repeated with fortitude to each person that comes up to the red velvet rope at Thrive Nightclub in a ball cap or tennis shoes. John Garret and Joe Spector are the door guys at Thrive Nightclub and both have been in the club industry for a combined amount of eighteen years working at venues all over Dallas from Candleroom, Plush, Indigo, Coyote Ugly, Spike, Barcadia, Drama Room, Sense, Carson’s Live, Zen, and Cocina Caliente, and between the two of them have experienced all the woes and joys that come with shouldering the responsibility of holding the power of entrance into the most coveted hot spots in town. It’s annoying at times to argue with a person holding a fake ID in hand telling you it’s real, when you both know otherwise, but meeting new and exciting people all the time makes up for it every night, and at Thrive Nightclub in Dallas these are the kind of people standing in line. Being on the list is always important as the door guys and hostess will tell you, and knowing the promoters or staff working at the club always helps out, but if not, after making your way through the line be sure to sign up on Thrive Nightclubs VIP mailing list to stay updated on all upcoming events. They will take care of you. The red velvet rope at Thrive Nightclub only comes up to about waist high and is the length of one man, but holds the power of three and is the divider to the decision of whether you get to enter or not. Joe and John are the men at the door so be sure to say hi and smile at your door hostess, and once on the other side of the red velvet rope, have a great time inside Thrive Nightclub in downtown Dallas at the Crown Plaza Hotel!


  • LOLDallas 5 years ago

    Just another spot for douche bags to spread their filth. Go DALLAS!

  • Don'tBeADoucheBag 5 years ago

    That's the best thing about that club is that there aren't any guys wearing XXSmall Affliction shirts wrapped around steroided up Douche Bags. The management at Thrive strictly forbid the Douche Bags from entering the club unless they can dress like a normal person. There isn't an over-developed level of testosterone like the rest of the Dallas clubs. Thanks guys for keepin the trash out and filling the place with an even diversity of people.

  • Chris 5 years ago

    I heard there was some bad dudes working security up in that place!!