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Behind the lens of fifteen awesome local photographers in the Piedmont Triad

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Photo by Bowman Gray Photography

There are so many options for photographers in the Triad, each with their own style and flair. The abundance of photographers can be daunting though for those who are looking for a photographer for their family photos, wedding, portraits or other photo needs. Two ways to choose the photographer that best suits your needs and who clicks with you is to research and get to know your favorites and their work.

Below are 15 fantastic photographers (listed alphabetically) covering all areas of the Piedmont Triad from Greensboro to Winston Salem to Clemmons. Each gives a more in-depth review on their photography style and what they really love about capturing photos.

Bowman Gray Photography

Photographer: Bo Gray


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Land/seascape Photography. “There is there a real challenge in trying to “capture beauty mechanically with a camera which cannot be captured existentially with other art forms.” It is a frozen moment in time, not an interpretation of what is seen, further, it will never be seen in that exact way again.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “I spent the afternoon photographing a friend’s daughters with their old golden who was not long for this world. There is something truly transformative when shooting people who are experiencing such heavy emotions. They sent me an email to tell me that when they saw the images it brought them to tears, I was very moved.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I think that every photographer/artist brigs their own flavor to their work. I favor detail, contrasts and texture as things that help capture emotion. I have to feel connected to what/who I’m shooting, so when someone feels connected to one of my photographs, I have effectively communicated my feelings through visualization.”

His photos are: “Emotional”

Happy Pixels Photography

Photographer: Stephanie Richardson


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Newborn photography. “I love the sweet simplicity that comes with a newborn and saving those special memories for the family in the pictures. The early days of your child seem to fade so fast and it warms my heart to know the parents will have the pictures I took to look back at and remember those first days and weeks.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “One of my very first weddings was a beach wedding, I was so nervous and to top it off there was a hurricane headed straight for the beach we were at. Apparently my nervousness did not show because the family adored the pictures and kept telling me they couldn’t believe how helpful and adaptive I was to the situation and weather changes throughout the wedding.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I try to make my photos and sessions simple but fun. I like to highlight the person, people that the session surrounds.”

Her photos are: “Fun”

Heather McGinnis Photography

Photographer: Heather McGinnis


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Newborn photography. “There's nothing I love more than working with little ones who are so brand new to the world. I take great pride in gently soothing & perfectly posing those squirmy, sometimes screechy newborn babies for several hours during a session in the studio. It's not only a unique skill set, but a true passion of mine and I've had more than one client refer to me as a "Baby Whisperer" after seeing me in action with a newborn in the studio!”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “All of my sessions & clients are unique and memorable to me in some way, but one client who made a special impression on me was a beautiful Mommy-to-be who was expecting her first baby, a boy to be named Jackson, last summer. Since Daddy was in the Army and had been deployed throughout most of her pregnancy and would still be deployed when Jackson arrived, Mom wanted to document these precious moments with a maternity & newborn session. I have a deep appreciation for our armed services and the families that support them, so both sessions were really special to me. Then, to top it off we did another session right after Daddy returned from deployment and Jackson was just about 8 weeks old. I was so honored to be able to work with this sweet family and will always remember them.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “The ability to offer both top of the line Studio Newborn Photography as well as outstanding natural light, on-location Lifestyle Photography. My passion is photographing the families I work with just as they are, no elaborate sets or extensive props or trendy processing techniques. Instead I prefer authentic photographs that celebrate your current season of life. The elegant simplicity of a newborn in their birth day suit, the beautiful mess that is life with a toddler, or even a 100 year old great-grandmother celebrating life with her family. Life is beautiful! To me, it's best captured & remembered just like it is.”

Her photos are: “Authentic”

Inspired Memorys Photography

Photographer: Jen Memory


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: High School/College Senior Portraits. “It is absolutely my FAVORITE! They are always so upbeat, willing to try anything and the sessions always make them feel much more confident in themselves.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “I had a married couple who had been trying to adopt a child from China for quite some time. In April, they were able to make that dream come true. When they arrived back in the U.S., they asked me to meet them at the airport to photograph her meeting her new family for the first time. It is an experience that I will never forget and so humbled to be asked.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “Each session is special whether it’s a senior, family, child, or event. I take the time to figure out what their vision was and plan alongside them to come up with the best location and time to take the photos. I'm very laid-back which helps my clients feel comfortable in what can be an awkward setting. I teach them how to pose, what angle looks best and what to wear. The best feeling in the world is turning the camera around for the first time allowing the client to see and hear them say, ‘I love it! I can’t believe that's me!’. When I hear that, it makes what I do worth it.”

Her photos are: “Honest”

Jenna Domingo Photography

Photographer: Jenna Domingo


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Food Photography. “I love taking pictures of food I cook for dinner parties or pretty dishes when we go out to eat. A few years ago my husband and I traveled all over Italy and I was sure to snap up a ton of photos of all the yummy meals we had. I also love taking pictures of cakes and desserts at parties and events. I think cake and cookie decorating and is a very neat form of art and I love capturing those small details!”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “My most memorable session was newborn pictures of a client’s baby who wasn't supposed to live much past birth. Doctors thought he had a rare birth defect and was going to need multiple surgeries if he survived life outside the womb. At one point the mother was even told to terminate her pregnancy. It turns out the defect wasn't as bad as they thought and he is doing just fine - what a miracle! The parents were so excited to have his pictures done but more so that he was going to be ok after all!”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I'd say what sets me apart from most photographers is taking photographs at the right time of day when the lighting is best and spending time with my clients to guarantee a large assortment of quality photos they will cherish. I strive to provide photos that will stand the test of time!”

Her photos are: “Timeless”

Julie Uhl Photography

Photographer: Julie Uhl


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Birth Photography. “Many would tell you that the birth of a child is a miracle. It is truly one of the most beautiful things in the world. As a parent, you remember the first time you see your child; the exact moment that you fall in love with them. The anticipation of baby's arrival and the celebration afterwards are exciting, but nothing compares to that single moment. That moment is the reason I love birth photography.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “Recently I was contacted by a mother who wanted portraits done of her daughter who was graduating from college. I traveled to the college campus and had a wonderful session with the daughter. About a week later, I met with the mother for her view and order session. As I showed her the slideshow of images, she began to cry. She explained to me that her daughter was the first member of their family to graduate from college. She was a single mom who'd been through many adversities, but her daughter had followed her dreams and gone to one of the top schools in the state on a full scholarship. As she cried, I cried with her. I felt so honored, as I do with all my sessions that these people had chosen me to capture such a memorable time in their lives.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “In our digital age, I think a lot of people are losing the personal connections we once had with one another. For that reason, my approach to photography is a bit unique. I like to get to know my clients so that I can customize their session to fit their personalities and lifestyle. I spend weeks planning a session with my clients before a single image is ever taken. Once we get to their session, we already ‘know’ each other so everyone is much more relaxed. After the session, we sit down together and I help the client pick out prints, canvases, etc. to display in their homes. From start to finish, we have a personal relationship that grows and often matures into more than just a business relationship.”

Her photos are: “Genuine”

Kim Shouse Photography

Photographer: Kim Shouse


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Lifestyle Photography. “I've really grown to love a more lifestyle approach and apply that in all my sessions, whether I'm photographing a family on location or a newborn at home. I have always loved photographing children, and now that I offer in-home lifestyle sessions, I'm also capturing them where they feel the safest, where family memories are made. I want to feel something when I look at images.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “The most meaningful sessions come from comfort and connection. Those who are drawn to my images are generally like-minded, and we tend to hit it off. When you're comfortable with your photographer, your images reflect that, and I'm able to translate that comfort into images with emotion.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I lead with my heart and I hope it shows. I want my images to evoke an emotion from the viewer. I've learned to stop following trends and focus on what speaks to me. I'm a big believer in customer service, which I think that's hard to come by these days. I am not a shoot and burn photographer. I am a 'hold your hand, help you plan what to hang on your walls, a big hug at the end' kind of gal.”

Her photos are: “Emotive”

Kissing Tree Studio

Photographer: Larry Hersberger


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Child & Senior Photography. “I love taking photos of children and the elderly, as well as Christmas art.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “The Three Sisters who were ages 98, 101, 96. It was very powerful and a Godly experience. I feel that when I am creating my Santa Fine Art as well. Powerful presence.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “My Fine Art Santa Portrait Art is licensed internationally. Companies have made cards, puzzles and as of this Jan 2015 there will be a complete product line of over 50 products to be unveiled at the Atlanta Gift Show. Clients bring their children from all over North America to have these unique Santa sessions. I also have won national attention and awards with my other photographic portrait art as well. I recently had three images be selected into the Professional Photographers of America Loan Collection.”

His photos are: “Magical”

M. Gioeli Photography

Photographer: Megan Gioeli


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Child Photography. “I love photography and love photographing people and things. However, kids & babies are my favorite subjects to photograph. I love to photograph because 99% of the time, I can photograph them just as they are. I can photograph them just being them.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “Hands down — the photography I do in the NICU. When you have a baby in the NICU your world is turned up-side-down. Things are not going as planned, your baby is covered with tubes, cords and wires. Your initial thoughts and feelings are this is not my perfect plan, this is not something I want photographed — I don’t want anyone to see MY baby like this. Then they get their photos back and they are forever grateful to have these moments captured. They see their beautiful baby in those photos and are so appreciative I took the time photograph their not so perfect plan.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I photograph through my lens what I see and how I see it. The only thing that sets me apart from others is that I am me.”

Her photos are: “Emotional”

Oh Betty! Boudoir

Photographer: Kira Wood


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Headshots. “I love a really nice headshot. I don't specialize in headshots, but I try to include a few in every session I do.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “I really love it when women tell me that they never thought they could feel that beautiful. Those are the ones that stand out because every woman deserves to feel beautiful. The other sessions that stand out are women that struggle with weight issues. When I can give them an entire book of images, it makes them look at their body in a different light… that’s when I know I've done something wonderful. When I edit, I do not change the shape of a woman's body, so it truly is her that she is looking at, not some over edited version on herself.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I try to keep my work very simple and clean. I typically use only natural light with my subjects and I don't add crazy looking filters to my final images.”

Her photos are: “Classy”

PB & J Photography

Photographer: Angie Gardner


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: High School Senior Portraits. “I love that they are up for just about anything! It's so much fun making them feel like a model for the day and watching their confidence come out!”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “I had the chance to take 50th anniversary portraits with a couple who was still so in love. It was so wonderful to see and watch and be a part of something their children and grandchildren will treasure forever.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I am really there to make the clients happy. I want to give them something original to them and capture what THEY want, not what I want.”

Her photos are: “Personalized”

Photography with Vered Koshlano

Photographer: Vered Koshlano


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Portraits. “I love so many different styles. In general, I like beautiful things (I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder…) - pretty faces, or a beautiful feature someone has, it can be as simple as a drop of rain on a blade of grass at sunset, a look, amazing landscapes, well done fashion, catching the spirit of a child or the connection to a parent.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “I had the pleasure of doing a portrait of a little girl (I think she was 7 at the time), her dad and I were casual friends (both in the photo industry) I didn’t know him very well but after we were done with the “formal” session I asked if he would mind taking a few photos with her, just a simple father/daughter portrait, he happily agreed so I quickly changed the lighting and was snapping away. From behind the camera I could feel (not just see) the incredible bond they shared. The connection was so deep my eyes were tearing. It was a very intimate moment, very soft, gentle and real. It threw me back to my own childhood and the connection I would have wanted to have with my dad.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I think by default I have a lot of experience with fashion and beauty photography, NY is a very demanding market so you have to be at the top of your game to get work. Also, one of my best talents is finding that one super beautiful angle of you (everyone has one!), combining it with the right light to produce an image you have to love.”

Her photos are: “Connected”

Rainy Day Photography

Photographer: Brittany Stafford


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Wedding Photography. “My absolute favorite type of photography would have to be weddings. I love how each and everyone are so different and being able to capture all of the “real” moments. Capturing the groom cry as the bride walks down the aisle, the bride crying as she says her vows, daddy/daughter dance as the daddy cries or even laughs. It’s those once in a lifetime moments that makes my job have so much joy that I can capture and they will always have the rest of their life.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “It would have to be capturing my nephew’s birth. My in-laws were in an accident and her mom was supposed to be with her on delivery day. But because that wasn’t possible I was determined the day he was born I would be there to get ALL of the moments for her mom. It’s amazing capturing a birth. From their first cry, to the first look that mommy and daddy hold them, to their weight on the weight scale. It’s just little real moments that leave that impression on you. I have had more moms ask about birth photography and I highly recommend it!”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I love capturing details in anything I shoot. Of course I love it all but details make it all. At a newborn session I always take photos of the tiny toes, tiny hands all that sweet baby little stuff. At weddings I make sure to capture all of the details that the bride put her hard work into getting every detail just right. In life they always say it’s the little things that matter the most, and I believe that!”

Her photos are: “Unique”

The Portrait Gallery

Photographer: Claudia Carter


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: Macro Photography. “It is so rewarding to find tiny little creatures, amazing natural forms and shapes of flowers or plants and fabulous textures of things we would normally just overlook because we cannot always see them. I like to do ‘selective focus’ on these subjects to give more emphasize on certain areas of the photographs.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “A family studio session I had a few years ago. The mom had called to make the appointment of their family, which included their two young daughters. Everyone was gathered in the dressing room getting ready for the photographs and I was talking to them about what to do first when the Dad asked to have his photo taken by himself. I agreed and said let’s do that one first while everyone else is finishing getting ready. I took him in the studio area and proceeded to do some photographs as we talked. I asked him if these photographs were going to be used for his business. After a slight pause, he responded, “probably not, I have been diagnosed with cancer and thought that my girls may like a picture of just me”. It took me a second to regain my composure because I was not aware of his condition. Heartbroken and teary eyed, I thought to myself, how blessed am I to be the one to create this image of him for his children, his wife and his family.

As we were finishing up with his individual photographs, the two daughters had made their way into the door of the camera room and I heard one say to the other, “I wonder if she would take a picture of me and daddy”? I quickly turned around and told both girls to go and get with their dad and we took numerous photos of them together and then with some with each daughter and their dad. The entire time, all I could think about is how to make this session fun for them and indeed it was! We all laughed as they played and have fun making silly faces, hugging their Daddy’s neck or kissing him on the cheek. When we were just about done with the session, I turned around and standing there watching through the crack in the door was their Mother with tears, rolling down her face….it didn’t seem that they were tears of pain, but tears of joy, seeing her children with their Daddy having so much fun.

They loved their portraits after seeing them online through my website and then I got a call at the studio. The mom explained to me that “that outing” to our studio was the last place he had been in the last few weeks and unfortunately his condition worsened. He had passed away while in the care of Hospice.

I went to the visitation and when I walked in, the two daughters saw me and ran up to me and hugged me tight. That is a day I will NEVER forget it. These two young girls sadly lost their Daddy too early in life but they have these photographs that I had the pleasure and honor to take for them that I hope brings a sense of peace and love every time they look at them.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “Experience. With today’s technology, anyone can be a photographer but you have to have the “eye” for it. It takes years of experience not only with educated, technical ability but you also have to have a strong business sense about you as well as great people skills. During my 17 years in business, I have created lasting relationships with customers that I wouldn’t trade anything for!”

Her photos are: “Timeless”

William Jarrett Photography

Photographer: Bill Jarrett


Facebook Page:

Favorite type of photography: People Photography. “Even though I enjoy shooting product, I’d have to say people. I enjoy photographing people because of the emotions you capture.”

Photo shoot that left a lasting impression: “A few years ago I had a shoot on Bald Head Island, I was completely in my element. I was photographing a home there and had tons of lights in and around the house to simulate never ending sun light. It was just a cool set with all the gear, cables and cameras around.”

Unique aspect of photos or style: “I really try to take the client’s needs into consideration and what will work for them. If it’s a portrait I never want to release a photo that reflects negatively for them or myself.”

His photos are: “Current”

These are just some of many amazing photographers in the area. It was refreshing and humbling to hear a common statement among many of these photographers that, “there are so many wonderful photographers in the Triad”. Enjoy reading about and viewing the photos of these spectacular photographers!

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