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Behavior slipping a bit?

Behavior slipping a little bit, ‘No’ means ‘if you want’, ‘Heel’ meaning ‘okay over there’; it’s that time again, refresher obedience training. Spring is in the air; at least that is the local rumor. Our pets have been kept close for way to long and just need a quick refresher course in the rules. Don’t feel bad or embarrassed, take them to an accredited training, this makes everyone happier.
Now we can go on all those spring outings and enjoy them together. Oh, but have you heard the one about ‘Leave it’, hope so – this can save big money and frayed nerves. Everybody could at this point use a refresher course in outdoor manners. First we are dealing with the smallest of the planet running up and latching onto our pet, face and mouth level, bad idea; then they attempt to feed the something to our pet. We don’t know what this has in it; the small fry has no idea that what is being handed in good faith is truly a deadly ice cream with a chocolate center. So we want the school which will teach ‘Leave it’.
Our pets are the world and this is the best time ever to be outside. So let’s make sure the training and grooming is in place and go have some good times. Remember;,,, and enjoy this year more stress free.

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