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Behavior problems and prenatal exposure to cell phones

Children show an increased risk of learning and behavioral problems if their mothers were heavy cell phone users during pregnancy. This is no longer an unsupported belief of health food fanatics. There is solid research showing, not absolute proof of harm, but enough proof of risk for pregnant women to take reasonable precautions.

If you are pregnant or have children, spend 8 minutes watching the embedded video and listen to research scientists at top-notice universities like Yale, Berkeley, and NYU, discuss the possible risks.

In this video, you will hear reputable scientists discuss studies indicating:

  • Rats exposed prenatally show alterations in portions of the brain related to learning and memory
  • Rats thus exposed exhibit behavior that looks very much like ADHD in humans.
  • Epidemiological studies of cell phone use during pregnancy show that children born to heavy cell phone users show higher rates of learning disabilities and behavior problems.

After watching this video, visit the BabySafe Project and learn how to protect yourself and your children from wireless radiation. The site is full of useful tips for reducing exposure:

  • Choose low radiation cell phones. In general, Samsung phones emit low levels of EMFs while Motorola phones emit the highest levels.
  • Use wired Internet connections. If that is not possible, disconnect the router when not in use and especially while sleeping. Avoid ATT Uverse, at least while you are pregnant, as the company affixes a device to your home that can't be turned off.
  • Avoid cordless phones, especially in the bedroom.
  • Laptops are now wired. Turn off the wireless transmitter when not in use.
  • Don't use wireless devices in cars. The metal frame exacerbates the effect of radiation.

Remember that it took decades to establish the fact that tobacco causes lung cancer. It will be decades before all the facts are in, but why take the chance? No one needs wireless radiation for optimal health. It does you no good and may do considerable harm. Minimize your exposure now.

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