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Behati enters the world of fashion design

Behati Prinsloo, supermodel, is entering the world of fashion design with her new capsule collection.

An 'Angel' with a penchant for fashion and an eye for good taste is supermodel, Behati Prinsloo. Always smiling, a perfect figure, long blond locks and an easygoing attitude to take her through life, Behati is now breaking into the evolving world of fashion design. She possesses a love for all types of jeans which she can never get enough of. Starting this design career is perfect, considering her handsome partner, rocker Adam Levine, is into designing his own line of clothing with some pretty cool t-shirts.

To get the design career off the ground, Behati Prinsloo is collaborating with denim label, THVM. We have high hopes that this capsule collection will go over successfully with all of her fans. She is creatively putting together a 14-piece collection that will define the wearer's style and personality. Since jeans are one of her favorite staple items, the pieces remind us why she so favors the ease of this look. We see some hints of the punk style that takes us back to the 70's in London, a time of self-expression through clothing and making a statement meant everything.

Behati is definitely 'all things jeans' which helps to develop her particular style. She loved the Versace denim campaign of the 90's. The favorite item in her newest collection is the leather jacket uniquely designed with a red lining.

Behati Prinsloo is quickly becoming a 'New York City' gal through and through from her favorite places to dine to her favorite areas of the city to visit and explore. She takes one encounter at a time and loves enjoying time with friends.

Although Behati is now based in New York City and THVM is based in Los Angeles, California, the teamwork works very well and the new designer is so thrilled, describing this as an incredible experience. She has so many more ideas in the fire and although she isn't revealing too much at this time, we will be eager to see what is next.

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