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Begun again, the Console Wars have


Just when the hatred had died down for a bit and everyone had retreated to their neutral gaming corners, this week’s release of Final Fantasy 13, and the announcement of Playstation Move have rekindled the fanboy rage and set loose the dogs of console war once again.

Playstation Move was announced yesterday and it look only a matter of minutes before Xbox 360 and Wii fanboys started complaining about how the controller looked, that it might be a “Wiimote rip-off” and that it will be accompanied with “countless shovel ware titles just like the Nintendo Wii.” Now mind you none of these people have actually had their hands on the Move, but still feel that their opinions on the subject need to be shared with 5 billion of their peers. And mark my words; those same 360 fanboys who claim that motion control is “stupid and gimmicky” will be the first to sing the praises of Natal when it finally comes out.

I still don’t understand the point of hating a system so much that you are blinded by rage when something good happens to them. When Final Fantasy 13 was announced for the Xbox 360, it was as if a digital knife had been stabbed into the back of some loyal Sony fans. So naturally these heartbroken “Friends of Cloud” became the smuggest internet D-Bags known to man upon the news that their version of the game might look better than the other guy’s. And for what? Personal satisfaction? Does it somehow help them sleep at night knowing that their version of a video game might look better than their rival’s? 

In case you're wondering, yes, this is what you sound like when you flame other consoles

I know I have said this before, and I will continue to assault this deceased equestrian: The console wars start and end with you and me. It is up to all of us to rise above the temptation to be internet tough guys. We need to stop participating in gaming discussions with one sided views. Be open to accept that someone else’s opinion might differ from yours. Can’t we all just respect the other console’s right to exist and have a fanbase?

Except for the Wii. That console sucks. 


  • Robert Sporer 5 years ago

    I promise that I will judge Natal just as I judged Move.

  • two question. 5 years ago

    what's your point? what do you want gamers like me to do with this information?

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