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Beginning my Pearl Lift adventure with Dr. Pearlman: Ultherapy, Voluma and Botox

Dr. Pearlman creates magic with his Pearl Lift
Dr. Pearlman creates magic with his Pearl Lift
Carol Ruth Weber

Looking forward to some relief from, if not feeling tired, then looking tired I was excited to begin my new Pearl Lift adventure with Dr. Steven Pearlman. After my initial visit to his office meeting with Esthetic Coach, the knowledgeable Donna Fay Graziano, who evaluated my skin and face, and before my first treatment I did my due diligence researching the effects that the Pearl Lift treatments could have on me. I was most concerned about the causing more problems for my fibromyalgia and pleasingly found reports and research utilizing Botox to ease fibro pain.

Dr. Pearlman works his magic on Angelina Pivarnick
Coutney Henley

My Pearl Lift began with an Ultherapy treatment to lift up my aging neck and jaw line.

Before the procedure I am given pain medication and a valium to ease anxiety. The procedure was uncomfortable, but it was soon over and so was the discomfort of the treatment. The Ultherapy experience is different for everyone. I had a deep treatment and other issues that resulted in more tenderness than others who have had Ultherapy and reported very little or no ache at all. I was excited to see the results as I already felt a tighter neck. Patience is a virtue with Ultherapy for it can take some weeks, and ultimately months, for it to settle in to reveal the final results.

Ready to fill in the tired lines and volumize my appearance with the next treatment using Voluma and Botox

With needles aiming towards my face I was ready for more discomfort but much to my glee the fillers didn't hurt at all, just felt like small needle pricks. I was excited that I could see the Voluma results in my cheeks immediately and so far was happy with the results. As with the Ultherapy, the Botox I was told needs a little time to take effect for it to be totally apparent although I definitely could already see a reduction in lines in my forehead.

The Ultherapy and fillers settle in as the days move forward.

The day after I began to see some normal effects from the Ultherapy. Like the last remnants of an old booboo healing, my neck and jaw line appeared a faint yellow in color, but it was barely noticeable, probably only to me. In fact it has the same sort of appearance as a yellowish facial tanner. My face is tender to the touch but not painful. My neck and jaw line have a numbing sensation, a bit weird but not painful. I am told that this is all normal as the Ultherapy is working its magic. The areas filled with Voluma are a bit puffy before beginning to calm down as the filler settles in. I have no problem going out in public, in fact everyone is telling me how great I look without me revealing that I did anything.

After a couple of weeks my skin looks clear and tighter and after one more week the numbness disappears. I am now anxious to continue on with my Pearl Lift adventure as I make my appointment for the Deka Dot CO2 fractionated laser procedure that is to be used to get a more youthful texture and appearance back to my skin.

The adventure continues... "Never be afraid to dance".

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