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Beginning Experience Weekend for Divorced or Widowed. Kansas City Nov. 12-14

For adults grieving the loss of their marriage.
For adults grieving the loss of their marriage.

It’s been a while since your not-so-recent divorce. You may have noticed people are starting to leave you alone. For better or worse, they’re leaving you alone. In a way, that may feel relieving that you’re not the center of attention anymore. On the other hand, that may feel a little frightening or unsettling that you’re really alone. Not that you don’t have friends or family to support you in times of need but for the most part, the hovering crowds have gone on now that the crisis has passed…. Or something else has attracted their attention!

Don’t let this aloneness haunt you. Don’t start second-guessing yourself. Left alone, the mind starts to race back and forth into all kinds of creepy corners that are full of ghosts from the past and fears of the future. Instead, take the future into you own hands and step out with confidence.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself at this time is a Beginning Experience Weekend. The next Weekend for the Kansas City area is Nov. 12-14, 2010. (Friday evening - Sunday afternoon) Now that life has settled into a "new normal" it's time to look back at your marriage and take stock of the pros and cons. Perhaps enough time has passed that you can be more objective and honest with the facts of your marriage.

Whether your marriage ended from divorce or widowhood, the fact is, your marriage ended and you are left to go on alone. It's overwhelming under the best of conditions. If you're like others, there are always things that you wonder about. Could it have made a difference in the ending of your marriage? "If only I had agreed to...?" "If I wouldn't have covered up the problems about...?" "Should I have gotten help...?" The Beginning Experience Weekend is a chance to start putting those issues to rest. It's not about blaming the other or taking the blame for them. It's about confronting the normal stages of grief over the loss of one's marriage. Grief is normal. In fact, it's healthy to grief. Just not too much or too little. Without closure, these issues will surely eat you up day by day, year by year.

Beginning Experience is an international, non-denominational Christian peer ministry that has helped thousands of single-again people for over 35 years. For more information on Beginning Experience, visit the website. For local information or questions email Visit our Facebook Group Page Beginning Experience of Greater Kansas City.