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Beginning an exercise program

January is the perfect month to begin an exercise program.

While many people make this New Year’s resolution, few actually stick with their program for many reasons. One major reason is that it is just plain hard to alter a lifestyle which did not include exercise. Everyone has a busy life which revolves around their work and family. Each activity creates its own demands on a daily basis that only has 24 hours to accomplish all the tasks necessary to keep the well-oiled machinery of life flowing smoothly. There is no quick fix for the problem on how to juggle a busy life. However, there is a solution which if followed correctly could plug more energy into your daily life which will enable you to perform these vital tasks with a better attitude and finish the day feeling less tired.

There are a few ground rules that must be completed before you begin an exercise program. First rule: if you are in a relationship inform your partner of your intentions, perhaps they will be interested in joining if they do not already exercise. The second rule: if you have not exercised in awhile or if you are overweight or if you are over 40 it is recommended to get a physical. The third rule: find a gym or fitness center that is in close proximity to your home or work so that it can be incorporated more easily in your daily routine.

Factors that are important in choosing a facility to begin your training are to inspect the gym during the time you will be utilizing it the most. This way you can determine if enough qualified staff is available to assist you in beginning your program. Most gyms maintain certified personal trainers and it is recommended that you start your program with a trainer that is certified and understands your fitness goals. Schedule a time to begin your training sessions that are realistic.

For example, do not attempt to go at 5:00 AM if you normally do not get up until 6:00 AM as this will only set you up for failure. One option may be to stop at the gym immediately after work before you go home and face distractions which will enable you to make excuses for not going to the gym.

Hopefully, you are already dialing the phone to make the appointment for your physical and that you have searched the yellow pages for fitness centers and health clubs.

Next article will cover gym classes for cardio and weight loss; until then happy training.


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