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Beginning 2010 spring shopping in your own closet

Spring 2010 trends from your closet
Spring 2010 trends from your closet

Yes, the 50 and 60 degree weather this weekend in Boston was a tease, but one or two days in the middle of the winter when you don’t have to pile on the layers and trudge through the snow is enough of a taste.  It’s a taste of sun, warmth, flowers, and light and airy clothes.  That taste of spring is the perfect time to start thinking about spring shopping!  And where do you begin shopping for spring 2010?  The first place to start is in your own closet.

The easiest item to start with is your jeans.  Popular for spring 2010 will be distressed denim – washed out color and a worn-in shape. But be careful what you wear with distressed jeans. A ragged t-shirt will make the outfit look casual for a lazy weekend day.  If you want to dress it up for a date or dinner with friends, pair your jeans with a pretty blouse or blazer and heels. 

Next, look through your tops.  There are still many trends from last year that will work this spring, just with some twists.  Bright yellow was a popular color last year and will still work in 2010.  However, it is even better if your yellow tops are a bit subdued in more pale and neutral yellow tones because neutrals are a big trend for this spring.  Also still popular are floral prints.  But remember that light floral blouse you wore last year with a tank top underneath?  This spring, sheer is in and that tank top could go!  Just be careful where you wear this trend, as some trends are more appropriate for a night out than a day at the office.

Finally, most every girl’s favorite: shoes.  There is one new trend this year that’s worth checking out and which might not be in your closet already.  It’s peep-toe booties; a combination of ankle boots and peep-toe pumps and it is the perfect transition shoe between the seasons.  But for two 2010 spring shoe trends that you might already have in your closet, wear nude pumps and bright colored heels or flats.  Nude pumps are the perfect subtle style touch when you want to accentuate another piece in your outfit, like your accessories or a jacket.  And bright colored heels or flats, like in a bright blue or purple or green, help make an otherwise lackluster outfit more fun. 

And lucky for us in Boston, there are plenty of stores in and around the city to shop these trends if you don’t happen to have any of these items already in your closet.  For distressed denim, National Jean Company in Newton and Wellesley has a big selection to choose from.  Urban Outfitters has already stocked up on floral sheer tops and is conveniently located in Harvard Square, Faneuil Hall, and Newbury Street.  And in Downtown Crossing, DSW is the go-to for aisles of fashionable shoes.


  • Kristine 5 years ago

    Interesting.. Years ago in the 60's.. peep toe pumps were all the rage. fashion never changes... it just evolves!

  • kristen 5 years ago

    haha, yes - that is totally true!

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